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Unst Visitor Information Guide

  • Unst Postcode ZE2
  • Unst Latitude: 60.7416° N Longitude: 0.9049° W
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Unst apart from the lighthouse rock of Muckle Flugga it is the most northerly of the Shetland islands, and is also the smallest of the three main islands, being some 2 miles from north to south and 4 miles across. But it and Fetlar are geologically different from the Mainland: the topography is more varied, the soil is more generally fertile and there are many well cultivated crofts.

There are three main villages, at Burrafirth, Norwick and Haroldswick, which has Britain's northernmost post office, For the visitor there are unspoiled beaches, the l6th century castle at Muness, magnificent cliffs, the Hermaness Nature Reserve. notable trout and sea-trout fishing and a recently excavated Viking settlement; the island has two comfortable hotels. and a car-ferry connects it with Yell and Fetlar.