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  • Allthough Altnaharra is a small hamlet in Sutherland situated on the A836 the area still offers the visitor some good quality holiday accommodation to journey around the far North of Scotland and make the best of your vacation.

    • Altnaharra Geolocation Latitude 58.280422° N Longitude -4.441974° E
    • Altnaharra Postcode IV27
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  • Falls of Shin is the perfect base for walking and cycling, this is a large network of forest paths, suitable for both walking and family cycling offering a large car park between the visitor centre and the entrance to the forest paths, there is plenty to enjoy and see, with rugged play areas installed for children along the way and plenty of wildlife to catch the eye.

    The wildlife is very varied, with many Highland forest bird species present such as Crossbill, Siskin and Goldcrest, many species of mammal are also present, including the somewhat elusive Pine Martin which could be glimpsed if you’re walking first thing in the morning or evening.

    • Falls of Shin Geolocation Latitude 57.96104° N Longitude -4.4084° E
    • Falls of Shin Nearest Postcode IV27 4EE
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    All the forest paths are clearly marked and there is full information about the forest and routes on signage just after the Falls of Shin car park and before you enter the forest.

    The walks are easy accessible for everyone with a nice smooth surface with only three or four steps at the Salmon leap to watch Salmon leaping up the waterfall.

    The area around the new centre looks very well kept with different activities in nice weather, there is also a cafe, gift shop and restaurant at Falls of Shin.

  • Lairg, This is a small Sutherland village, it is at the southern tip of Loch Shin, 16 miles long  it acts as a junction of five roads and has a railway station.

    Evidence of a long history of continuous habitation is seen at Auchinduich, south of Lairg, where one of the largest chambered cairns found in Scotland was once excavated.

    Some miles to the east, through Strath Fleet, is Rogart, a scattered crofting com­munity that boasts the memorial to Sir John Alexander Macdonald (1815-91), the first Prime Minister of Canada, whose family originated in the area.

    • Lairg Geolocation Latitude 58.022058 Longitude -4.402414
    • Lairg Postcode IV27
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