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North Lanarkshire

  • Airdrie fells into the area of North Lanarkshire with it's location being only 12 miles from Glasgow it is a desirable destination for visitors who wish to visit Glasgow without staying in the city. You will also find plenty of accommodation whether it be for entertainment or business with it's hotels and bed and breakfast properties.

    • Airdrie Geolocation Latitude 55.865102 Longitude -3.979539
    • Airdrie Postcode ML6
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  • Speyburn Distillery was founded in 1897 by John Hopkins & Company for the sum of £17,000.

    The site was chosen by John Hopkins himself for its unpolluted water supply from the Granty Burn, one of the major tributaries to the River Spey.

    • Speyburn Distillery Geolocation Latitude 55.861787 Longitude -3.939549
    • Speyburn Distillery Postcode ML6 8
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    Hopkins appointed the famous distillery architect Charles C Doig to design the distillery and to this day Speyburn has its classic pagoda ventilator, a hallmark of Doig's design.

    Bradan Orach Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Is Gaelic for ‘Golden Salmon’, Bradan Orach is a classic, welcoming Speyside whisky, matured exclusively in American Oak ex-bourbon casks.
    This bright single malt was named in honour of the world-class salmon fishing found on the River Spey.

    Speyburn 10 Years Old
    A single malt is matured in a combination of American Oak ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks.

    Speyburn 15 Years Old
    matured in American oak and Spanish oak casks, for 15 years, this has given the whisky a chance to embrace the rich, natural elements of Speyside.

    Speyburn 18 Years Old
    matured in American oak and Spanish oak casks for 18 years, this outstanding Single Malt not only brings to life the natural vibrancy of Speyside but embodies a distillery’s devotion to its craft.

    Hopkins Reserve
    Dedicated to John Hopkins, the man who created our unique distillery deep in the heart of Speyside.
    This lightly smoky single malt is a tribute to the founder.

    10 Years Old Traveller Exclusive
    Matured in a combination of American oak ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks and bottled exclusively for the Global Traveller 
    Arranta Casks
    Inspired by the Gaelic word meaning 'intrepid and daring', Arranta Casks Single Malt has been crafted using specially selected, first fill ex-bourbon casks in American Oak, to give this spicy Scotch whisky a uniquely bold and characterful flavour profile.

    Speyburn Companion Cask
    Speyburn Companion Cask is a tribute to the enduring connection and rich traditions shared by Speyside and Kentucky.
    It celebrates Speyburn’s long history of only using the best casks, sourced from Kentucky’s finest distillers.
    Meticulously air-dried in the traditional way and with the last drops of sweet bourbon extracted,
    these sought-after, empty casks were shipped to Speyside, where they were filled with smooth, Speyburn spirit.
    They mellowed in the traditional dunnage warehouse, whilst the subtle complexities of the oak, and the soft, Speyside air, added to the character of the whisky.

    The result; a collection of unique single casks of sweet, creamy whisky with vanilla and citrus notes and a warm, smooth aftertaste.

    This cask is Available exclusively in the USA