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Aviemore Attractions

Skiing in Aviemore

Before selecting whether or not to visit Aviemore, a community in the Cairngorms, you should conduct some research to make the most of your vacation and time there. This will allow you to make the most of your journey and time spent there.
It is good to begin your search here because it will expedite your examination of the available possibilities. There are numerous options. There are multiple options available. By visiting the Aviemore Attractions website, not only can you get a jump start on your neighbourhood research, but you can also make a favourable first impression. As a result of your studies, you now have a complete understanding of everything the area has to offer. As a direct result of what you just read, something will occur. We would greatly appreciate any information you might provide about the region and its many interesting places to visit, as well as suggestions for entertaining activities in Aviemore and the surrounding area.
Also, it would be really appreciated if you could recommend any fascinating activities in Aviemore and the surrounding area. If you wish to speak with a member of our staff, please fill out the contact form provided. I am quite grateful for your aid in this case.

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We appreciate that you are reading this and considering my proposal. We want you to know how much we value your time and efforts. I respect that you are autonomous enough to read this on your own. People respect and adore it for the value it brings to their lives.

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Aviemore Visitor Information Guide

Aviemore although best known for it's local ski resort offers visitors some of the best outdoor activity facilities available these include the obvious skiing to mountain biking plus making use of the beautiful Lochs in the area you will have access to canoeing, white water rafting as well as all the other activities you can imagine.

Aviemore was once a small tranquil town within the Cairngorm National Park 

In the 1960’s Aviemore developed into a bustling Skiing resort for winter adventurers wanting to be challenged on the Cairngorm mountains Ski slopes.

Built around a lovely Victorian Railway Station Aviemore is an ideal location for touring the National Park,
location for the many outdoor activity enthusiasts that visit the area all year round.

  • Aviemore Geolocation Latitude 57.1945° N Longitude -3.8238° W 
  • Aviemore Postcode PH22
  • Aviemore Map
  • Aviemore Weather Forecast
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Aviemore activities allow you to choose from being on the mountains, in the valley, on the rivers and lochs, on the golf course or on your bike,snow sports, with some of the best snow holding records in Scotland, climbing, mountaineering, hill-walking, mountain biking and much much more.

There really is something for everyone no matter what your level or experience with experienced qualified guides, Put your self in good hands with the highly experienced outdoor activity providers.

Aviemore, Lying at the foot of the Cairngorms, Aviemore is an all-year holiday resort. Its success is seen in the bustle of activity as tourists take advantage of the wide range of facilities provided. At one time Aviemore had its status further enhanced when it was made a railway junction to provide a direct line to Inverness via Carrbridge Cairngorms National Nature Reserve, High­land and Grampian.

Aviemore offers a large variety off Bed and Breakfast accommodation including hotels guesthouses and inns

The Cairngorms are the highest mountain mass in Britain and form a ridge running from the southern reaches of the river Spey to Deeside in Aberdeenshire. Six peaks are over 4000 ft.

The bedrock is mostly granite, a material so resistant to climatic erosion that the peaks are almost as nature formed them millions of years ago. The Cairngorms high plateau forms a wide undulating range dominated by broad summits, the highest of which is Ben MacDui (4296 ft).

The edges of the plateau often end abruptly in the vertical cliffs of large cauldron-like corries scoured out by glacial action. Lairig Ghru pass cuts right through the mountain block, from east, to west.

The mountains form an impressive back­cloth to the broad sweep of the Spey valley. The Nature Reserve was established between 1954 and 1966 and is the largest of its kind in Britain. Covering some 100 square miles, it offers a wide range of habitats for both flora and fauna. Many of the plants are alpines.

Public use of these high places has always been in contention, as the thin vegetation cover is often eroded by large numbers of visitors. The Cairn­gorms offer one of Britain's prime skiing areas, an attraction that contributes to the all-year tourist influx.

Boat of Garten Fishing Guide


Boat of Garten and Aviemore Fishing offers the best of the sea trout fishing on the River Spey is to be found above Grantown on Spey, on the seventeen miles of water managed by the two main angling associations on the upper middle river based at Boat of Garten and Aviemore.

The Spey sea trout run normally begins in late May, with stocks increasing throughout June and into July. The best of the night fishing on the association waters is to be had through June and July, with daily and weekly permits available to all.

  • Boat of Garten Geolocation Latitude 57.2487° N Longitude -3.7533° W
  • Boat of Garten Postcode PH24
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The main stretch of water comprises six miles of double bank fishing on the River Spey, stretching from the Miller's Pool above Boat of Garten to Broomhill Bridge, below the outflow of the River Nethy, with 15 named pools with the best sea trout fishing, a few miles upstream, separated from the Abernethy water by the Kinchurdy fishings, the club's Aviemore beat stretches for a further four miles of single bank fishing on the left bank of the River Spey in and around Aviemore.

The Abernethy and Aviemore Angling Improvement Association now manages the salmon and sea trout fishing on the Aviemore stretch of the Spey, which comprises more than three miles of fishing on the River Spey, from the Old Spey Bridge above the village downstream on the left bank as far as the Alder Bend opposite Pityoulish, which lies on the right bank.

 This stretch of the Spey, with 16 named pools, was formerly managed by the Aviemore Angling Association, now merged with the Abernethy Angling Association, this part of the river is generally slower flowing than the lower beats and is bordered by heavy tree cover, in many places it is most suited to spinning and worming but there are also some nice fly pools, particularly for sea trout night fishing.

 Permits for the Aviemore Association water are available at Cairngorm Mountain Sports, Aviemore.

Boat of Garten Golf Club Visitor Information

Boat of Garten Golf

The Boat Of Garten Golf Club is set alongside the River Spey in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, only 10 minutes drive from the bustling village of Aviemore.

Braid’s design features 18 completely individual holes, a small clubhouse, tidy and modern locker rooms, every hole is different, but if I was to pick a hole the par 5 13th which is just a long slog with a strange lay-up shot for your second, and the short par 4 15th which requires a 7 iron or so off the tee then an 8 iron to the green, despite being a straight away hole, but that's picking a hole for the sake of finding fault, the rest of the course is fabulous, and picking a favourite is impossible.

  • Boat of Garten Golf Club Geolocation Latitude 57.33273° N Longitude -3.593409° W
  • Boat of Garten Golf Club Postcode PH24 3BQ
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The course is not only renowned as a demanding test of sporting skill but also as a magnificent setting for the game, cleverly and sensitively shaped fairways lined by birch trees, heather and broom, maximising the natural landscape and producing a beautiful and challenging course.

Boat of Garten Tennis Club Information

Boat of Garten Tennis

Boat of Garten Tennis Club is set alongside the River Spey in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, only 10 minutes drive from the Highland village of Aviemore.

Tennis membership gives free access to the courts, and access to all Club facilities,the Clubhouse menu is available every day offering fare from morning rolls through to a choice of delicious lunches.

  • Boat of Garten Tennis Club Geolocation Latitude 57.243672° N Longitude -3.752067° W
  • Boat of Garten Tennis Club Postcode PH24 3BQ
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New changing rooms for ladies and gents were opened at the start of the 2012 season. Towels are available for showers from the Bar, they have two all-weather courts which are available for hire throughout the season, it is advisable to book a court, especially at weekends and between June and September.

An ample car park is available, Tennis membership is available, please contact the Club Secretary for details.

Boat of Garten Visitor Information Guide

Boat of Garten is an all year round tourist destination offering holiday accommodation and activities and provides a good place to start exploring the surrounding area.

The Boat of Garten lies between Grantown- Spey and Aviemore, a peaceful Highland village set amongst heather clad hills and native woodland, adjacent to the River Spey, in the Cairngorm National Park.

This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, and the perfect place from which to explore the Highlands or simply unwind. The massive Abernethy nature reserve can be found here, this is a remaining remnant of the great Forest of Caledon the home to a good number of rare and unique species of bird and mammal, not least the pine marten and Capercaillie. The area is less frequented and offers the traveller a hidden and dramatic view deep into the heart of the Cairngorms.

  • Boat of Garten Geolocation Latitude 57.2487° N Longitude -3.7533° W
  • Boat of Garten Postcode PH24
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The golf course has been described as a miniature Glen- Eagles, established in 1898 Boat of Garten Golf Club is a beautiful 18-hole heathland golf course set alongside the River Spey in the heart of the magnificent Cairngorms National Park. It has championship golf courses like Castle Stuart, Royal Dornoch and Nairn a few miles to the North, Boat of Garten is the ideal introduction to Highland golf.

There are two well-maintained Tennis Courts available for those members and visitors looking for an alternative to golf and, and the RSPB osprey hide at Loch Garten and the Strathspey

The railway operates a 10 mile preserved railway from Aviemore to Broomhill via Boat of Garten, featuring original buildings, dating from 1904, the station also has the railway's only water column where the locomotives stop to take water on their way north through the station. Locomotives are normally coaled during the morning, on the south side of the station. There are two signal boxes, Boat of Garten North and Boat of Garten South and signalling uses traditional British Railways mechanical semaphore signalling. It is the crossing point on the line when there are two trains running. Great place for the train enthusiast.

Cairngorm ski area visitor information guide

Cairngorm Base Station

Ski Aviemore, The Cairngorms feature the highest, coldest and snowiest plateaux in the British Isles and are home to five of the six highest mountains in Scotland Ben Macdhui at (1309 m), Braeriack at (1296 m), Cairn Toul at (1293 m), Sgoran Lochain Uaine at (1258 m), and Cairngorm at (1245 m) These mountains are all Munros, with another 13 mountains with this categorisation across the area, of which another five are among the twenty highest peaks in the country.

The skiing and winter sports industry is concentrated in the Cairngorms, with three of Scotland's five resorts situated here.

This ski centre has been operating since the mid 1970s starting small with 1 poma ski tow, it has grown to a year round highland activity centre with 20 maintained ski runs, 15 lifts and some snowmaking coverage.
Snow sports can take place any time between December and April depending on weather conditions, it is sometimes possible to ski before December and into May. Winter operating hours are normally between 9am and 4pm depending on the daylight hours.

  • Aviemore Latitude: 57.13374° N Longitude: -3.670206° E
  • Tomatin Postcode PH22
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Learn to ski and board with professional instructors. Choose from either a group or private lesson. You can pre book skiing and snowboarding lessons (with equipment) by contacting our resident ski school, skiing, terrain park, snowboarding and sledging are all available subject to conditions. There are over 30km of ski runs and a fully maintained snow board fun park, suitable for all levels from beginner to expert. Cross Country,  There is a recognised ski school that operates on site and Disability Snows ports UK also offer lessons for those with special needs.

View the Cairngorm Mountain's ancient landscape from the comfort and safety of the UK's highest funicular railway.
The mountain railway is open daily, first train up departs at 10.20am, the last train to the top is at 4.00pm and the last public train down is at 4.40pm, trains run every 20 minuets or subject to demand, yYou can also walk up and get the train back down again.
The railway opened here in late 2001, running from a base station at 637 metres up to the Ptarmigan Centre, situated at 1097 metres, 150 metres from the summit, It was built amidst some controversy, with supporters of the scheme claiming that it would bring valuable tourist income into the area, whilst opponents argued that such a development was unsuitable for a supposedly protected area.