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  •  Arbroath is the largest town in the area of Angus with it's comercial history based around fishing, Arbroath is a great town for travellers to make there holiday base with plenty of accommodation and it's position to explore the East coast of the Scottish Highlands.

    • Arbroath Geolocation Latitude 56.56291° N Longitude -2.607193° E
    • Arbroath Postcode DD11
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  • The Signal Tower Museum is a small museum mostly related to building of Bell Rock lighthouse tells the story of the lighthouse itself and of the local fishing and maritime industries in and around Arbroath, with stories of the Arbroath Smokies and of Ralph the Rover, the information held is fantastic all about the History of the Signal Tower, you can sit and watch a video the history and construction of the Bell Light House.

    The museum can be found in the picturesque and historic harbour, near to the original shore station for the Bell Rock Lighthouse.

    • Signal Tower Museum Geolocation Latitude 56.55459° N Longitude -2.586422° E
    • Signal Tower Museum Postcode DD11 1PU
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