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Visiting Skara Brae Skara Brae is a beautiful and historic archaeological site located on the west coast of Scotland, near Orkney. This unique Neolithic settlement has been around for more than 5000 years and offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its preserved stone dwellings that remain largely as they were found in 1850 by local villagers who uncovered them after a storm blew away part of an ancient mound. The structures are believed to have served as homes, workshops or communal...

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Ring of Brodgar Orkney Reviews

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Title: A Mesmerizing Encounter with Ancient Mystique Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My recent visit to the Ring of Brodgar left me in awe of the ancient wonders woven into the fabric of Orkney's landscape. Standing amidst the Neolithic stones, I felt a profound connection to a time long past. The Ring of Brodgar itself is ...

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Skara Brae is an absolute must-visit when exploring Orkney's rich history! 🏰✨ This Neolithic village, remarkably ...

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Stromness Top Visitor Attractions Ranked and Reviewed
Stromness Top Visitor Attractions Ranked and Reviewed

Stromness Top Visitor Attractions Ranked and Reviewed

Visiting Stromness

Visiting the historic fishing village of Stromness in Scotland is an experience like no other. Located on the tip of Orkney Island off the Northeast coast, it's a quaint port town with breathtaking views and rich cultural attractions that will captivate visitors from around the world. Whether you’re looking to relax surrounded by untouched nature or delve into Scottish history and culture, visiting Stromness should be at top your list while traveling through Scotland. 

Founded more than 800 years ago as a trading hub for grain merchants, this coastal community remains one of Britain’s foremost herring fisheries today- providing proof not only its longevity but also how deeply rooted farming practices are within its economy all these centuries later! That being said there is so much to do – explore their impressive Harbourside streets lined with charming traditional shops; take part in some birdwatching adventures along picturesque cliff faces overlooking nearby islands such as Hoy & Flotta; cruise out onto open waters aboard local vessels which offer whale watching excursions upon request if lucky enough! There are plenty events held throughout each year too including concerts/plays themed towards celebrating Orcadian life plus art galleries dedicated showcasing works inspired specifically by our beautiful island setting - essentially making sure tourists don't miss any unique features during their stay here regardless what type sightseeing they prefer doing most: ashore landseer sea related activities alike creating real chance see firsthand why ancient fisherman travelling thousands miles come back home ever since 12th century.


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Stromness Top Visitor Attractions Ranked and Reviewed

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Reviewing Stromness Guide

  • Stromness Latitude: 58.9662° N Longitude -3.2965° W
  • Stromness Postcode KW16
  • Stromness WOEID 36508
  • Stromness 4 day weather forecast
  • Stromness Map
  • Scotland Accommodation

Located on the Orkney Islands off Scotland’s north-eastern coast, this port town has much to offer visitors and locals alike. From its historical architecture dating back hundreds of years, such as ‘The Old Manse’ which was built in 1699-to restaurants offering traditional Scottish cuisine; from picturesque views over the bay to rich local culture waiting around every corner - there truly is something special that awaits all who make their way down here! 
Stromness' streets are lined by Georgian buildings and quaint cottages making it quite an eye-catching spot along your travels through Northern Scotland. But beyond its beauty lies history just waiting to be explored! You can visit ancient historic sites like Earl Haroldsonn's castle or take part in activities at one of many museums located throughout town including The Mill Dam Museum which chronicles life during World War II when Britain deported Axis nationals living within her borders into makeshift camps set up nearby Stomress Harbor. Further attractions include unique shops selling locally crafted items like jewelry and pottery plus cultural events such as plays performed at 'the Pier Arts Centre.' 
Overall my time spent exploring what makes this small but bustling city so wonderful was certainly worth it! If you ever get a chance – be sure not miss.

Top Attractions In And Around Stromness

Stromness, the main town on Orkney’s Mainland and a port since 1768 largely enjoyed by passing whalers is now slowly becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. It has some of Scotland's most stunning scenery along with loads if attractions to discover within walking distance. Here are some top picks for things do in and around this charming harbour-town – 

For history buffs, The Peedie Sea is packed full of ancient sites such as Skara Brae Stone Age Village which dates back almost 5000 years ago making it one of the oldest villages ever discovered worldwide! Its unique buildings were preserved under sand until their rediscovery was made in 1850 after violent storms hit the area that year revealing its existence. Visit Europe’s largest collection warheads at Historic Scapa Flow where World War 1 ships sank or walk between gigantic Standing Stones several prehistoric tombs at Maeshowe burial chambers from over 4500 years ago - definitely worth exporing ! 

Nature lovers will enjoy exploring rugged hillsides framed by sweeping views out across lochs like swanbister bay while visiting bayside havens rich with birdlife including cormorants, eider ducks & curlews surrounding beautiful coniferous woodlands filled his abundant wildlife . Discover what lies beneath these waters too during snorkeling excursions offering unique and breathtaking underwater landscapes teeming marine life ideal for diving enthusiasts alike.

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