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Thursday, 13 January 2022 04:28

Visiting Bonar Bridge Sutherland is famed for its wide expanses of wilderness, stunning scenery and myriad of lochs and rivers welcoming the game angler, this south-east corner is the least remote part, much of it within an hour or so drive of Inverness, but nevertheless, there is some excellent salmon and trout fishing to be had. The best and most easily accessed of the trout lochs in this area lie in a broad belt running north-south from Beannach, about 4 miles north of Lairg, past...

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Stoer Lighthouse
Stoer Lighthouse

Stoer Accommodation - Hospitality Property Sales and Rentals

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Stoer The Stoer Lighthouse may be found at this position, which is the most well-known spot on the peninsula. The Old Man of Stoer can be reached on foot from this location. You will be able to take in breathtaking panoramas of Loch Nedd, the Quinag and Sutherland hills, and other nearby mountain ranges from this location, which is home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery in the world.

Culag Woods is just a short walk from Lochinver and features cliffs, towering sea stacks, and a plethora of gorgeous sandy beaches. Find a holiday park for your caravan or RV.

Although the high school is located in Ullapool, the primary school is located in Lochinver. A daily school bus service is offered by both schools. Lochinver is the most populous community in the Assynt region. Stoer Head and Achiltibuie are two vantage points on the mainland that are located to the north of Lochinver and offer a view of the Summer Isles. Caves, tunnels, and underground streams are just some of the exciting discoveries that explorers can make in Inchnadamph. At Traligill, you may see the Bone Caves by taking a stroll along a dry riverbed. These caves are where archaeologists uncovered human remains that date back 4,500 years. They also discovered the bones of long-extinct animals that once lived in Scotland.


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Explore Stoer Guide

  • Stoer Latitude 58.2017° N Longitude -5.3379° W
  • Stoer Postcode IVI27
  • Stoer WOEID 36200
  • Stoer Weather Forecast
  • Stoer Map
  • Stoer Reviews
  • Scotland Accommodation

Find a Guest House, Hotel, or self-catering property in and around Lochinver that is close to Brackloch, Achmelvich, and Soyea Island and provides free Wi-Fi and private parking.

Beaches can be found in this region. These sandy beaches are peaceful and have not been developed; in addition, they are flanked by stunning rock formations. Pay a visit to the Clachtoll salmon bothy as well as the ruins of a broch that dates back to the 1st century.

Both Fraochlan Island and Stoer are great places to visit in the area.

Stay in a guest house where each room features a double, single, or family room, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. You will also be provided with bed linens and towels.

You'll discover a diverse selection of places to stay in this area, with options to match a variety of budgets and tastes. From Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, which has all of the facilities of a metropolis, to the transit links that stretch all the way around the compass through road, train, air, and sea. Take the A9 north, then the A835 to Ullapool, and finally the A837 to Lochinver, which is approximately one mile before the settlement. A charming fishing hamlet with various attractions, including a busy harbour and a harbour with a small marina, Lochinver is a great place to visit.

A large number of hillwalkers are drawn to the area because of the breathtaking backdrop provided by the mountains of Suilven and Canisp.

The areas of Achmelvich, Clachtoll, and Achiltibuie are known for their stunning sand beaches, which contribute to the region's popularity as a destination for bird watchers and fishermen. A variety of businesses, restaurants, a post office, and a medical centre may be found in the immediate area.

There is a wider selection of conveniences offered in Ullapool South as well as in Inverness, which is the capital of the Highlands. After you have completed shopping and visiting the attractions, continue on the B869 for approximately eleven kilometres until you reach Stoer.

This peninsula is home to a number of teeny-tiny settlements, some of which include Achnacarnin, Balchladich, Clashmore, Culkein, and Raffin.

Beaches can be found in this region. Visit the Clachtoll salmon bothy as well as the remnants of a broch that was built in the first century. These sandy beaches are perfect for a day trip with the family because they are quiet, unspoiled, and surrounded by spectacular rock formations.

Some of the places of interest in the neighbourhood are Fraochlan Island and Stoer.

Stay in one of the rooms at the guest home, each of which features a double bed, a single bed, or space for a family, a flat-screen television, a private bathroom, bed linens, and towels.

You can find here a wide variety of lodging options to meet a wide range of preferences and budgets. From Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, which features all the conveniences one would expect from a city, such as places to stay and connections to all points on the map through road, rail, air, and sea. Traveling north on the A9, exit at Tore onto the A835 toward Ullapool, and then exit onto the A837 toward Lochinver approximately one mile before entering the hamlet. Lochinver is a picturesque fishing village that features several attractions, including a busy harbour and a small marina.

The settlement is set against a breathtaking panorama created by the Suilven and Canisp mountains, which also serve as a magnet for hikers who come to the region.

Beautiful sandy beaches may be found in Achmelvich, Clachtoll, and Achiltibuie, which are popular destinations for bird watchers and fisherman alike. This area is also known for its abundant wildlife. Shops, restaurants, a post office, and a medical centre are some of the convenient local facilities that can be found here.

Once you have finished shopping and seeing the town, turn right onto the B869 and continue for around seven miles all the way down to Stoer. Ullapool South and Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, both provide a more comprehensive selection of services and amenities.

Achnacarnin, Balchladich, Clashmore, Culkein, and Raffin are some of the tiny communities that can be found on this peninsula.

Stoer on the narrow and hilly but pleasing road from Lochinver to Kylesku. Stoer is one of the remoter Highland villages or townships. There is bathing, trout fishing in the many small lochs, and, from the hill of Cnoc Poll, fine views of the more celebrated Sutherland isolated peaks.

Near Stoer is a broch on a low eminence bordered to the west by the sea and to the east by a broad expanse of turf on sand.

Beyond, the sharp peaks of Quinag loom across l0 meters of low broken hills and innumerable lochs. The ruins of large rectangular blocks stand in places to a height of over 6 ft. The diameter of the interior is 32 ft, and the wall is about l4 ft thick the outer end of the entrance passage was covered with a triangular lintel.

There is a lighthouse to the south of Rhu Stoer, and the headland has crofting townships scattered over it. In the 18th cent. there must have been a much larger population than there is now. Trace of the vanished inhabitants remain.

Staying In And Around Stoer

At Stoer, you don’t have to go far from home to make incredible memories. Whether strolling along the old cobblestone streets or exploring breathtaking mountain views, there are plenty of ways to explore within this charming village. As travelers flock here looking for an authentic experience not found anywhere else, it is important that everyone stays informed on how they can best enjoy all that Stoer has to offer without leaving its cozy borders. Here we will provide our readers with insight into what activities await them if they decide stay around the area instead of venturing off further afar! 
First and foremost is experiencing local culture first-hand – being able take part in traditions such as haggling at outdoor markets; visiting hundreds of centuries-old churches; savoring regional culinary delights served up by numerous restaurants scattered throughout town creates lifetime memories worth having. Secondly, visitors should also be aware of some nearby attractions accessible through short hikes or drives.. Tourists often overlook these scenic paths when considering their itinerary during their travels yet taking advantage of these spots offers enriching experiences unlike anything else available elsewhere. Finally , depending on when one visits they may wish unwind after a long day sightseeing by observing entertaining evening performances while supporting small businesses owners offering live music shows -showing appreciation encourages locals artists continue sharing traditional customs which endures over time . Ultimately , those seeking unforgettable journey capable creating lasting impressions.

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Wonderful visit
 · 14 days ago  ·  Stoer
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Stoer, nestled within Scotland's Sutherland region, is a testament to raw beauty. The coastline, adorned with cliffs that meet the Atlantic's embrace, paints a picture of rugged elegance. The iconic Old Man of Stoer stands as a silent guardian, an emblem of Stoer's geological wonders.

Beyond nature's grandeur, the village's warmth and authenticity charm visitors. Engaging with locals unveils tales of heritage, enriching the experience with Scottish hospitality.

Stoer isn't just a destination; it's an invitation to embrace Scotland's untamed landscapes and immerse oneself in its serene embrace.
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