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Fuerteventura Attractions

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Fuerteventura Attractions


Corralejo Holiday Accommodation Guide

A settlement known as Corralejo may be found on the north-eastern coast of Fuerteventura, which is one of Spain's Canary Islands. The town was originally a fishing village, but nowadays it's filled with restaurants, pubs, trendy coffee shops, and quaint bakeries. The centre of activity in Corralejo is the quaint town square, which is surrounded by palm trees. Bring the kids and go on an adventure through the tiny side streets that link to this tiled square, which features a giant star design in the middle, since the weather in the summer is warm and sunny. Find the bell tower that you may walk up to for breathtaking views of the entire complex as well as the town.

There are only a few stores and cafes surrounding its immediate boundary, but you can find plenty more just down the street linking to the smaller Music Square. These include tapas bars and a range of eateries. There is ample parking available on the peaceful side street, in addition to a big parking lot that is located close and runs parallel to the town's outer ring road.

Discovering Corralejo Holiday Accommodation Guide

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  • Corralejo Postcode 35660
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Take a trip down the main street of Corralejo to find stores and restaurants that are priced to accommodate a variety of budgets, as well as the city's stunning beaches.

You may reach the sandy beachfront of Playa Corralejo by taking a little stroll in the direction of the east. One of the most popular places to go surfing is along this stretch of white sand that is 300 metres long. Because of the consistent winds that come from the North Atlantic, it is especially well-known for the sport of kitesurfing. Bring a friend or loved one with you and go for a walk along the peaceful coastline of El Burro, which is located inside the expansive sand dunes of the Corralejo Natural Park.

You should go to the Corralejo Natural Park, which has beaches like Playa del Moro that are exposed to the wind and backed by dunes. A ride in a buggy is by far the most enjoyable method to explore the vast desert-like sand dunes in Corralejo Natural Park.

The guided buggy tours will acquaint you with the natural and wild life of the area, in addition to the volcanic landscapes that surround the area.

The park is home to several species of animals that are in danger of extinction as well as the volcano Montaa Roja, which offers breathtaking vistas.

The nearby Lobos Island serves as a wildlife refuge and is home to some unusual bird species.

The sea is a beautiful shade of emerald, the sand is pure white, and the temperature is just right.

This lovely beach, known as La Galera, is famous for the tranquil, turquoise seas that make it an excellent destination for families.

Find the on-site surf school that provides training for people of all skill levels in addition to windsurfing tours to the nearby island of Isla de Lobos. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding activities.

Take a walk along Beautiful beaches that extend out into the Atlantic Ocean and have dunes that slide into the water provide for stunning sun sets in the evening, and the sunny days make for the perfect setting for an action-packed day at the beach.

A Lidl Supermarket and a Mercadonna Supermarket are among the local amenities. There are also a number of cafes, pubs, and restaurants in the area. Some of the eateries offer sitting on the beach. From this location, you can schedule a journey on a boat that travels around Fuerteventura, Lobos Island, and the south coast of Lanzarote every day. You can take a journey to a cove on the southern shore of the island that is only accessible by boat, and it has a vast sandy beach. This cove is only accessible from the sea. You can have a return boat ride from the harbour.

Sailing, snorkelling, fishing, and paddle boarding are just few of the water sports that are best suited for this location.

Take in the view of the volcano from the ocean, which provides visitors with a serene, unusual, lunar-like perspective of the volcanic landscape.

Some glass-bottomed boats offer snorkelling tours off its seas with outstanding visibility for a romantic pair on an unique Sunset Charter cruise. This cruise is called the "Sunset Charter."

Corralejo is the ideal location for having a good time on land and in the ocean with your loved ones, whether they be family or friends.

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