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Thursday, 22 September 2022 19:03

Developing An Online Presence with stay4you.com The ability of a brand or corporation to be easily located on the internet is one way to describe their "online presence." It is essential for the development of your brand's reputation, the expansion of brand awareness, and the provision of visibility for your items or services whenever customers search for them. The dominance of technology has been realised in the book industry. The days of using travel agencies and magazines are long since...

Accommodation Marketing Services

Promoting My Holiday Destination - stay4you

Thursday, 22 September 2022 19:03
Search For Holiday Accomodation

Wednesday, 18 January 2023 09:37
Hotel Marketing Strategies -stay4you

Thursday, 22 September 2022 19:03
Advertise Pet Friendly Accommodation Free
Advertise Pet Friendly Accommodation Free

Advertise Pet Friendly Holiday Let Accommodation Free

No Booking fees. No commission. No Contract. No Hidden Fees. No Hassle.

Totally Free With 24/7 Support icon blue 24 7


Pet Friendly Holiday Let Accommodation Owners Can Advertise Free Online Holiday Accommodation & Property Rentals With stay4you.com

Promoting pet-friendly lodging is an excellent method to draw pet owners and boost your bookings. Here are some efficient methods for promoting accommodations that welcome pets:

Point out the "Pet-Friendly" Amenity: Make it abundantly obvious that your lodging welcomes pets in all of your marketing materials, including your website, online listings, brochures, and social media profiles. Put catchy headlines or taglines on your website, such as "Welcome to Our Pet-Friendly Paradise" or "Stay with Your Furry Friends."

Include high-quality pictures of pets having a good time at your lodging. Display contented animals playing in appropriate pet areas, lounging in comfy areas, or exploring the property. These pictures will draw in pet owners and make it easier for them to see their own animals having a good time.

Clear and thorough information about your pet policies should be provided. Include details like the number of pets permitted, breed or size limits (if any), extra costs or deposits, and any laws or regulations that visitors with pets must abide by. Owners of pets will benefit from transparency in their decision-making.

Make a list of the amenities you offer for pets by highlighting them. Mention amenities like pet-friendly walking routes, neighbouring dog parks, fenced-in yards, pet beds, food and water bowls, and pet-sitting services. Put these amenities front and centre in your descriptions and images.

Share positive customer reviews from people who have stayed with their pets in the past. Showcase their favourable impressions and remarks about how accommodating and fun their stay was. Potential visitors will get confidence from these reviews and social proof.

We collaborate with Local Pet companies to form alliances with neighbourhood pet companies like pet shops, grooming parlours, veterinary offices, or eateries that accept pets. In exchange for them recommending your lodging to their clients, offer to market their services to your guests. Your reach may be increased and you may draw more pet owners with this cross-promotion.

We participate on social media: Consistently publish pet-related accommodation. Post pictures of your pets having fun in your lodging, share helpful advice for pet owners, and engage with other pet owners by answering comments and questions on stay4you.

We attend pet expos or events: Taking part in neighbourhood pet expos, trade exhibits, or neighbourhood activities. Handing out flyers or pamphlets, and talking to visitors. These gatherings offer a chance to network with pet owners and advertise your pet-friendly lodging.

You can create appealing packages or discounts just for clients who are travelling with pets and provide special pet packages or discounts. This could be discounts at nearby pet-friendly attractions, pet grooming or pet-sitting services, or welcome baskets for pets. To draw pet owners, include these deals in your advertising materials on stay4you.

Keep in mind that it's essential to offer pets and their owners a secure and comfortable environment during their stay. To provide a great experience for both visitors and their four-legged friends, make sure your staff is knowledgeable about your pet regulations and is trained to handle pet-related inquiries.

Are you interested in using us to promote pet-friendly lodging? stay4you would be delighted to help you with that. Here is an example advertisement that you can use to market your pet-friendly lodging:


Looking for the ideal vacation destination that allows your pet? Look nowhere else! Learn more about our pet-friendly lodging so you and your favourite pet may have a holiday like no other.

Cosy and Comfortable: Enjoy the conveniences of home in our quaint, pet-friendly rooms. We guarantee that your pet will feel pampered and at ease throughout your stay, from our room sizes to our comfortable beds.

Scenic Setting: Surrounded by stunning scenery, our property provides countless chances for adventure. Discover the nearby pet-friendly attractions, stunning parks, and scenic paths. Your pet will enjoy the new surroundings and fresh air!

Pet Amenities: We know how important it is for your pet to be content. Because of this, we offer a variety of pet amenities, such as feeding bowls, cosy blankets, and even unique welcome goodies! We work hard to make sure your pet has a nice stay just like you do.

Pet Services: Do you need a little additional assistance? Our helpful staff can help you with dog walking, pet sitting, or even scheduling trips to neighbouring grooming and spa facilities for your four-legged friends. We've got you covered so you can unwind and enjoy your vacation.

Socialise and Relax: Make new friends with other animal-loving visitors at our frequent pet online events, exchange tales and advice while taking pleasure in a sense of community.

Attract Guests To Your Pet Friendly Accommodation

Your Ad Reserve Now: Don't pass up the ideal trip with pets! To reserve your space right away, go to our website at www.stay4you.com or give us a call at 07483107776. Because of our limited availability, be sure to book as soon as possible.

🐾 Even your pet should take a vacation! Come along with us as we make special memories.

Listings are free of charge with no hidden extras.

Unlike many accommodation portals that say they offer free listings only for the hosts to discover there hidden charges at a later date, we disclose and make clear our charges upfront, so you have nothing to lose by giving the stay4you.com service a try because listing your property on the website is completely free of charge. Not only is it free to list your short-term rental, but it is also free to receive bookings, giving you the flexibility to choose whether or not you want to accept them. Now is the time to advertise your holiday property completely free of charge.

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  With our free Property Management System we can also offer what we believe to be the best value...

Add Your Vacation Property Free.

Once registered log in and then select Get Started to add your property. At stay4you we can advertise to more potential clients wanting to book your property from all over the world, We have professional and friendly staff offering knowledge and experience in this area, you tell us your requirements and we can do the rest. 

 Property Management System (PMS)

  1. Display your property with information and images.
  2. Take bookings direct or contact you for available dates.
  3. Fully manage your property from our extranet including cleaning schedules and much more.
  4. Offer Distance Booking To Cover Covid-19 requirements.

Channel Manager

Check out our great offer for best value channel manager More Info

The Advertising Process

After you have bought the property and got it to the standard required for letting, your primary aim should be to market it to tourists so that you may rent it out throughout the year. At this point, marketing comes into play, and you need to select the most effective plan for inviting visitors to your house in order to be successful. There are many different advertising options available, but regardless of which one you choose, you will need to spend money, so make sure that you save some money for marketing purposes. There are many different advertising options accessible.

You can market your home by placing advertisements in newspapers and travel magazines; however, doing so will most likely be quite costly for you, and you will only be able to provide written descriptions of your property rather than photographs. Your advertisement will typically run in just one single issue of the paper.
The internet is your best bet because it enables you to communicate with millions of potential customers at a price that is surprisingly low. Using a vacation rental provider such as stay4you.com is the most effective way to increase the internet visibility of your property. The advertising package that we offer on our website is of the highest quality, and it may help bring thousands of new visitors to your property. Along with a detailed description of your home, pricing information, and availability information, you are permitted to put up to twenty images in your listing. You just only enter all of the information about your home online, add your photographs, and then you can start advertising it. You have the power to make changes to your information at any moment, and we will always display the most up-to-date version of your rental pricing and availability. stay4you will advertise on behalf of property owners so that you can communicate directly with vacationers who are interested in renting your home. This will allow you to better manage your rental business. Visitors to your website have the option of either calling you or submitting an online enquiry to get in touch with you.

Developing your advert

It is really necessary to provide content of a good quality on your advertisement if you want to rent out your holiday property. Investing some time into developing an advertisement that attracts a lot of attention will pay off in the shape of an increase in the number of rental requests. You may increase the impact of your advertisements by ensuring that they contain extensive descriptions of the property and the area, photographs of a good quality, and a price that is affordable.
After posting information about your home to the website, you should adhere to these recommendations if you want to see the greatest increase in bookings possible.

Developing The Content

Provide a description of your property that is unmistakable and consistent. Avoid using abbreviated terms because there is a possibility that they will not be comprehended. You are responsible for ensuring that all of the information on your property is up to date and that terms like the name of the nearby town and address are spelt correctly. Make sure that the information you provide about the area is up to date, and check it twice to see if you have included any dates about summer events and other happenings. The more information you supply in a concise and truthful description, the greater the return on your investment will be.

Developing Pricing and Availability

Our system allows for most types of rentals whether they are hotels or cottages even adding special offers and peak or low season variations. You can keep your availability and pricing up to date using our ICAL service or channel manager, It is in your best interest to keep your advertisement up to current and maintained at all times. Showing rates from the previous year or providing prospective customers with misleading information about available dates is a guaranteed way to lose their interest in your establishment.

On this website, the rates for rentals can be modified at any time that is convenient for you. Tariff prices are subject to cyclical shifts depending on the season. Check to see that the prices that are being shown are accurate and up to date for the current year. Also, the price range for the current month should be displayed in a clear and conspicuous manner. Avoid confusing vacationers with an excessive number of distinct price tiers if at all possible.

Because it is absolutely necessary to keep an accurate availability calendar, the best standard of practise recommends marking booked dates as such as soon as they are confirmed. Don't mark those days as "available" if you already have anything planned for that time. It is possible that this will result in a double booking, which will cause you and the potential guests a great deal of frustration. There are some homeowners who have flexible schedules that choose to disregard the availability calendar.
If the advertisement for your property contains information that is out of date, it will not only lose the faith of potential buyers, but it will also lose the trust of you as a responsible homeowner.

Developing memorable images of your accommodation

(please make sure you have the right to use any images before uploading them) Some people believe that a picture may convey more meaning than words can. Because of this, the images that you select to display in your campaign are perhaps the single most important component of the process of renting your holiday home or rooms. A photo of your property that is not to standard will not be appealing to potential guests. Please keep the following in mind as you begin the process of uploading your photographs:
Take photographs of the property from both the inside and the outside. Add images of the primary living area, the kitchen, and at least one of the bedrooms or in the case of a hotel each room you wish to let. It is a good idea to include images of local landmarks, landscapes, and vistas that are within easy reach of the accommodation, such as those that your property has to offer. If you include people in your photographs, prospective tenants will have a more difficult time visualising themselves staying in the space you are marketing.
Because prospective guests will be looking at the images, you need to make sure that every area is nice and tidy as well as looking its best. They will be evaluating the decore as well as the quality of the furnishings. You may make your photos look much more inviting by rearranging some throw pillows, hanging up a painting, or switching out the duvet cover. These are all things that you can do. Bring attention to the most attractive aspects of the property, such as a private outdoor pool or a balcony with views of the sea or the mountains.
The best lighting conditions for taking photographs are outside, during the middle of a clear, sunny day. When the sky is blue, people who are tourists will be more interested in your photograph. Your home will be harder to sell if the images you take of it are cloudy and have a low light level. You shouldn't use photographs that are blurry or out of focus.
The quality of digital images typically improves when the subject is captured in a horizontal or landscape orientation. When you use a digital camera, it is very easy to choose the best photos to include in the online rental marketing that you are doing. Take some recent images that do a good job of depicting the current state of both your home and the neighbourhood it's in. Keep in mind that you can make changes and updates to your pictures at any time, giving you the ability to upload photos of recently visited locations, you could also ask guests to forward images they may have taken during their visit which may be worth adding.


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