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We are a specialised group of professionals who have worked in the hospitality business for more than 15 years and are prepared to assist you in promoting your hotel.
How can I best go about selling my Hotel? Create your own free advertisement on by first signing up to become a member. You will require images of a high grade. We will not publish advertisements that do not have photographs. Our service at provides a free platform to sell hotels free.

Why Advertise On

Why offer your business for sale on We are unique in that we only work with hospitality businesses, have built our company around the demands of our clients, and have listened to their needs. The key to your success in making a sale is the above-and-beyond service that's staff provides. Each team member brings years of experience to every hospitality company and commercial property we sell or lease, and our staff knows the market inside and out. wards of Marylebone, Mayfair, and Covent Garden.

If you are working with an agent, you should ask them to post a listing for you on this website. Include a video and map of your location in your ad by simply embedding a YouTube or Vimeo movie that showcases the tourist business you have available for purchase.

Only genuine hospitality businesses located in popular tourist areas are offered for sale through our company.
We are not agents; rather, we facilitate communication between buyers and sellers. You are welcome to sell as a professional, and you will receive the same deal that private sellers do.

Sell Hotels Free With

Any person who could be interested in purchasing something always looks for the greatest deal possible. Keep in mind that this is a buyer's market. Maximize your profits during times of economic growth, but bear in mind that during times of economic contraction, the buyer has the upper hand because prices typically go down. In any event, you don't want to set your asking price too high, since this could result in your house sitting idle on the market whilst other sellers move on. Take into account that this time period was a missed opportunity to sell your hotel. Consider the following: if I paid the hotel's current market worth, would I purchase it?

The existing property's presentation as well as its condition

There is nothing that may be more discouraging to prospective buyers and investors than a business that is not profitable as a result of bad upkeep. Put the following queries to yourself and see how you do. Exist unresolved problems with the maintenance that can be fixed in a reasonable amount of time. What kinds of repairs need to be done, or how much work is already being done, to bring the building up to standard. Should there be an update made to the kitchen, eating area, and recreational facilities. How do the rooms at my hotel stack up against those at competing establishments in the area?

What Type Of Buyer

There is a large variety of propspective purchasers raging from many backgrounds with different degrees of experience in the hotel industry and hospitality trade, ranging from the kinds of prospective buyers who have a great deal of experience in the hospitality industry and running hotels. It is conceivable that they have prior expertise in the hospitality industry or are familiar with its operations. In either case, they are seasoned professionals who are adept at what they do and are aware of what they want.

Given the amount of attention that they presumably devote to studying the hotel and lodging property market, it shouldn't be too difficult to identify sophisticated individuals who are interested in purchasing hotels.
You might also make an effort to sell your hotel to individuals who are not familiar with the hospitality industry. Investing in a modest motel or boutique hotel, changing one's line of work, and launching a brand-new enterprise and way of life is something that appeals to a lot of individuals.

A retired couple or an individual who is keen to launch their own business in the hospitality industry could be potential buyers. can help to promote to new business owners, even though they may shop for products in the same places as savvy consumers.


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