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Tomich Holiday Accommodation - Book Direct Savings
Tomich Holiday Accommodation - Book Direct Savings

Tomich Holiday Accommodation - Book Direct Savings

Tomich Holiday Stay Accommodation and Property Rentals to Book Direct With Owners

The Scottish Highlands are home to the little settlement of Tomich. The area where it is located, Glen Affric, is well known for its breathtaking natural beauty and picturesque scenery. The settlement, which is a component of the larger Tomich Estate, is tucked away within the Affric-Beauly hydroelectric generating scheme.

Tomich is a well-liked vacation spot for those looking for a tranquil retreat and a taste of rural Scotland because of its lovely historic buildings and serene ambiance. The area surrounding the settlement provides chances for outdoor pursuits like hiking, fishing, and wildlife observation.

The Plodda Falls, a magnificent cascade nearby that draws tourists from all over, is one of Tomich's most well-known features. The region is also well-known for its verdant forests, notably the Caledonian Pinewoods, some of Scotland's few remaining ancient woodlands.

Exploring Tomich

Tomich is located in the Glen Affric National Nature Reserve, some 30 miles southwest of Inverness, the Highlands' administrative centre, and about 15 miles west of Loch Ness. Tomich provides guests with a picturesque getaway in the middle of nature, surrounded by lush vegetation, dense forests, and undulating hills.

Staying In Tomich

There are a few places to stay in Tomich, such as exquisite bed & breakfasts and vacation cottages, where you may enjoy traditional Highland hospitality. There are a few cafes and restaurants as well that provide traditional Scottish food made using locally produced ingredients.

Tomich is surrounded by lovely natural scenery, including forests, rivers, and lush flora. The old Caledonian pine forest in Glen Affric is well-known for offering chances for walking, trekking, and wildlife observation.

Plodda Falls is a spectacular waterfall that is not far from Tomich and is unquestionably worthwhile of a visit. The experience is enhanced by the forest's picturesque stroll to the falls.

Environment of Peace: Tomich, a little village, offers a serene and pleasant atmosphere. It's the perfect spot to relax and get away from the bustle of city life.

Local Hospitality: The residents of Tomich are renowned for being hospitable and friendly. You may anticipate a friendly greeting and the opportunity to discover more about the local history and culture.

Historical Sites: Tomich is home to a number of historical sites, including a stunning church built in the Victorian era and the neighbouring ruins of an old Pictish hillfort.

Outdoor activities: With Glen Affric right outside your door, you'll have plenty of chances to go hiking, biking, fishing, and taking pictures of the natural world.

Local lodging options: Guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, and vacation cottages are among the attractive lodging options in and near Tomich.

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