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Scrabster is a little harbour on Scotland's north coast, but it plays an essential role in the country's economy. It faces the Pentland Firth, which is a hazardous body of water known for its strong currents (6-IO knots).

The name Pentland derives from the word "Pictland," which refers to a region once inhabited by the Picts, also known as the "painted people." All that is left of this ancient race in Scotland are the numerous carved stones and remnants of their language in place names, such as "Pitmedden" in Aberdeenshire.

The ferry to Stromness in Orkney departs from this harbour, which also serves as the port for a vehicle ferry that travels to the Faroe Islands and Iceland during the summer months.

It is one of the more significant sea-angling centres in Britain, with claims to records for both the largest catches of fish and the largest sized gigantic halibut in the world (the current record stands at 232 lb).

In June of 1915, Lord Kitchener embarked on an expedition aboard the doomed HMS Hampshire from the port of Scrabster.

If you are going to be in the Scrabster area for any length of time, you might want to look into staying at a bed and breakfast.

Scrabster was an estate that belonged to the Crown in the past, and the current Sovereign is referred to as the Laird of Scrabster in the local dialect. Holborn Head, which is located to the coast of the village, is home to the somewhat uncommon flower known as the Scottish primrose.

Scrabster may be traced all the way back to the time of the Vikings.

Caithness, which is the most northerly of the Inner Hebrides, is home to the quaint community of Scrabster, which is located on Thurso Bay. It is around 1 mile and a half away from Thurso, 22 miles and a half miles away from Wick, and 112 miles away from Inverness.

The rugged rocks make for excellent fishing terrain, helping to establish this harbour as a significant hub for Scotland's commercial fishing sector. Both Orkney and Shetland may be reached by a combination of steamers and vehicle ferries.

The level has been raised by a hydroelectric rock, the highest of them, called as the Clett, is around 150 feet high, and marine birds use these rocks in the mating season. The rock formations have been sculpted into strange arching chasms and stacks.

Scrabster is sheltered by the largest loch in Sutherland, which is 17 miles long, and on the shores of the bay are the ruins of the mediaeval castle known as the bishop's palace, which over the centuries became known as Scrabster Castle. The Sinclair family owned the castle until the 1550s, when it was passed on to the Earls of Sutherland, and today almost nothing remains of the castle other than a couple of grassy mounds.

  • Scrabster Latitude: 58.611026 Longitude: -3.552627
  • Scrabster Postcode KW14
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