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Dunnet Head (Peninsula) in Caithness Dunnet itself runs along the line of the A836 coast road, but then extends north west in a highly scattered pattern of houses and cottages interspersed with meadows full of flowers, the B855 will take you to Dunnet Head, a headland quite high there’s a bit of a climb towards the end where there’s a car park by the lighthouse from here it is a short walk to a rugged peninsula. The sharp dramatic cliffs are home to a Stevenson Lighthouse which is now...

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Reay Holiday Accommodation guide

Looking for a vacation in the area then search Reay Holiday Accommodation, Situated in the county of Caithness, on the north coast of Scotland, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pentland Firth, is the town of Reay. John O'Groats and Tongue are both located to the south of the town. It is home to a highland airport as well as all the amenities and lodgings characteristic of a town in the Highlands, including a blend of modern comforts and the rich legacy of the area's past. In addition, it features a rich history of the area's past.

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It is possible to get a ferry to the Orkney Islands if you travel by train from the south all the way up to Scrabster.
Additionally, it is feasible to make a pit stop at any one of the other islands that are located along the route.

Because sheep brought in more money and wealth to landowners than having a renter and their family to look after, this region is rich in history, and it is the history of a violent time period. The sheep brought in more money and wealth to landowners than having a renter and their family to look after.

Today, spend time with the people you care about most and make the most of the long summer nights, bright blue skies, wonderful sea cliffs, and wild, empty beaches. Spend a relaxing weekend away with your significant other in a quaint cottage, or bring the whole gang on a ski trip by hiring a chalet or log cabin for a rowdy get-together. Either way, you're sure to have a good time. Because of its consistent and high-quality waves, as well as its many chances for hiking, bicycling, and golfing, the town of Thurso, which is situated at the most northern tip of the Scottish mainland, is known as a paradise for surfers. There are nine-hole courses in Lybster in addition to the 18-hole courses that can be found in Wick, Reay, and Thurso.

The A836 in Thurso will take you to Reay if you start off west of the Reay Golf Club. The village sits smack dab in the middle of the bus route.

There is a high school in Thurso that serves the Highlands and Islands, an elementary school and preschool facilities in Reay, both of which are located in Thurso, and a university that serves the Highlands and Islands.
Within a short distance of Thurso, one may reach a hospital, a university, as well as elementary and secondary schools. These establishments can be found, in addition to a grocery shop, a pharmacy, and a doctor's office.

Both the Caithness General Hospital and the John O'Groats Airport, which offers connections throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, are located in Wick, the county's second-largest settlement. Wick is also the location of the county courthouse.
In this region, there is a wide variety of vacation rental options available, ranging from cosy beach cottages with views of the sea and endless blue sky to sprawling mansions with manicured gardens and plenty of space for the whole family, including the family dog, to spread out and make some memories that will last a lifetime. Prices for these vacation rentals can also vary widely.

Traveling to Scotland's northernmost train station, Thurso, will take you through hamlets, Highland towns and villages, peat bogs, the enormous expanse of the Flow Country, which stretches for kilometres, and even the coveted peat habitats of the RSPB.

You may get a feel for how wild and isolated parts of Scotland can be by taking the train to the very north of the country, where you will find rivers that are ideal for salmon fishing and where you will also get a sense of the wilderness.

There is a short bus ride from Thurso to John O'Groats, which is the most northern inhabited place on the mainland. Thurso is the most northern railroad station in the UK. Along the route, the train will stop at some of the most remote and inconvenient locations possible.

  • Reay Latitude 58.559065 Longitude -3.775444 
  • Reay Postcode KW14
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Reay Caithness, The present village of Reay stands near the head of Sandside Bay on the north coast of Caithness, but an earlier village was buried in the stand in the carly 18th century. The village gave its name to Mackay of Farr chief of the Clan Mackay, in 1628. and the description 'Reay Country' came to bc used for great tracks of mountain and deer forest in Sutherland, once in the hands of the family. The noble family of Lord Reay went to Holland in the 8th century and became Dutch citizens.

They returned and regained British citizenship earlier this century. Tourist facilities have been provided at the attractive harbour of Sandside. Reay Church dates back to 1739. and is of the familiar Caithness pattern with external tower stair and contemporary loft and pulpit. In the churchyard on the opposite side of the road is the ruin of a much earlier church with a carved Celtic cross-slab. About 4.5 miles north east of Reay situated near the edge of the rocks, is the ruin of the oldest ecclesiastical structure in the county St Mary's Chapel, which probably dates from the 12th century. All that remains is the chancel and the roofless nave. Doureay lies on the coast between Reay and the chapel.

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