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  • Lybstert Latitude: 58.304216 Longitude: -3.285232
  • Lybster Postcode KW3
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Lybster This fishing village has one of the largest harbours on Scotland's north­east coast south of Wick.

It began as a wooden pier built in I 8 IQ by a local landowner to help his crofter tenants to earn a little extra from fishing. Some 20 years later the pier was replaced by a large stone-built structure and Lybster went into the fishing charts as the third largest fishing station in Scotland. Prosperity lasted until the herring fishing declined towards the end of the 19th century.

Today only a few boats operate commercially from here. Just north of Lybster is the Hill of many Stones, a fascinating Bronze Age monument con­sisting of 22 rows of 8 small stones. The monu­ment is thought to date from 1850 BC and is unique in the far north of Scotland.

The low stones are set out in fan-shaped rows running roughly north to south. A little further to the west are the Camster Cairns, huge burial tombs of the New Stone Age peoples who were the first settler-farmers to arrive in Britain. The larger of two cairns is about 200 ft long and contains an estimated 3000 tons of stone.

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