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Falls of Shin is the perfect base for walking and cycling, this is a large network of forest paths, suitable for both walking and family cycling offering a large car park between the visitor centre and the entrance to the forest paths, there is plenty to enjoy and see, with rugged play areas installed for children along the way and plenty of wildlife to catch the eye. The wildlife is very varied, with many Highland forest bird species present such as Crossbill, Siskin and Goldcrest, many...

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Arkle Mountain in Sutherland, Scotland
Arkle Mountain in Sutherland, Scotland
Arkle Mountain in Sutherland, Scotland
Lochinver Sutherland
Melvich Sutherland
Stoer Sutherland
Dunrobin Castle
Dunrobin Castle
Dunrobin Castle
Dunrobin Castle
Dunrobin Castle
Dunrobin Castle
Loch Eriboll
Loch Eriboll
Loch Eriboll
Smoo Cave Water Fall
Smoo Cave
Smoo Cave
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Kinlochbervie Accommodation - Hospitality Sales and Rentals
Kinlochbervie Accommodation - Hospitality Sales and Rentals

Kinlochbervie Accommodation - Hospitality Sales and Rentals

Kinlochbervie Accommodation - Hospitality Property For Sale Or Rent - Book Direct With Owners

Kinlochbervie, The size of this fishing village belies its economic significance for the Scottish west coast fishing industry, with two harbours accessible from its two sea lochs, Bervie and Clash, popular tourist base. Kinlochbervie gives access to the mountains of Sutherland's north-west wilderness areas, and a coastline of high cliffs and magnificent stretches of white sandy beaches.

Kinlochbervie, There is a wide variety of lodging options available in this location. Situated on the well-traveled NC500 route, it provides convenient access to a variety of local amenities, including a store and a post office. Get entry to the county of Sutherland, which is known for its primaeval terrain, gorgeous white beaches, and lochs. stay in a Bed and Breakfast offering a bed for the night or two, then in the morning Breakfast with the traditional freshly cooked Scottish or English Breakfast to start your day, some offering a double room, single room, or family room, self catering holiday homes perfect for families, walkers, and those looking for a vacation on a budget, or couples looking for a romantic vacation just for the two of them, all types of properties offer different options for your stay always check what is Included in the price supporing the property if the property has a fire pit or a fireplace that is open to the elements,
Always make sure you check to see if animals are permitted.

Camp out and go on a journey through the Highlands of Scotland, which are located along and surrounding the North Coast 500.
Find a site that is well kept and serviced in this most popular region of the Highlands. The majority of these sites are located in exceptional locations that are renowned for both the landscape and the sunsets. Always make sure to verify if children under a certain age are allowed in for free.
Stay in a luxury hotel or castle or coaching inn, or public house with picture-postcard beauty and style to find that perfect getaway pamper yourself, choose to eat and have a dram in the evening to find a romantic, Bar or Restaurant, walk in some outstanding countryside or walk along a beach in the evening, find that perfect place to create memories that will last a lifetime to find that perfect place to create memories that will last a lifetime.

In this area, Lochinver is where you'll find shops, restaurants, a gas station, and a medical centre, while Ullapool is where you'll find the primary commercial centre and ferry port.

This is the most northerly town on Scotland's west coast, and it has a busy working harbour that is home to a modern fishing fleet as well as visiting yachts and cruisers. At the local market, you can watch white fish and shellfish being landed from trawlers and auctioned off.

Kinlochbervie is the perfect location for touring the surrounding area because it offers a wide variety of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family at any time of the year.

This is a very popular tourist village, and it draws a large number of cyclists, hill walkers, and climbers to the surrounding area. In addition, the village is a great place to enjoy a variety of other outdoor activities, such as walking, loch and sea angling, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and pony trekking with rides amidst wonderful scenery.

The North West Highlands have been designated as a Geopark due to its prosperous villages. This region is home to some of Europe's most wonderful alpine scenery, as well as pristine beaches, centuries-old communities, and great geological and cultural attractions. It is often considered to be one of Europe's remaining unspoiled wilderness areas.

This is a terrific place to relax, find sandy beaches, and stroll amongst stunning landscapes, sea vistas, and animals. Find Fabulous award-winning beaches with crystal clear turquoise seas, rough coastline, and find fabulous award-winning beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters.

The beaches of Sandwood Bay, Oldshoremore, and Polin are located nearby.

offer quiet, expansive stretches of sand that are world-famous for their natural beauty and lack of development.

An extremely popular sport is fishing, both in the sea and in the lochs and rivers that are located close by.

The region is also a haven for several species of animals, such as foxes, badgers, and red deer on land, and seals and otters, dolphins, porpoises, killer whales, and basking sharks in the water.
in the bay as well as a large number of different species of birds that are drawn to the area.

Exploring Kinlochbervie Guide

  • Kinlochbervie Latitude: 58.458818 Longitude: -5.049152
  • Kinlochbervie Postcode IV27
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The secluded Scottish community of Kinlochbervie is renowned for its lovely natural beauty, rough terrain, and fishing business. Kinlochbervie, which is part of the Highland council area, is a well-liked vacation spot for people looking for peace, outdoor recreation, and a taste of traditional Scottish coastal life. To assist you in exploring Kinlochbervie, below is a guide:

Location and Transportation, On Scotland's western coast, close to the northern tip, is Kinlochbervie. Since it's somewhat out of the way, driving is frequently the most practical method to get there. Durness, the closest town, is. The A838 road, which provides breath-taking views along the route, leads to Kinlochbervie.

Affordability, Despite being a small community, Kinlochbervie has a variety of lodging choices, such as inviting bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, self-catering cottages, and even a campsite. Some lodging options could provide lovely vistas of the nearby shore.

Outdoor Recreation, Kinlochbervie is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts to visit because of the rocky landscape and coastline location. Here are some things to think about doing:

Hiking, Tour the lovely scenery on foot. Trails range from short strolls to strenuous hikes. Popular possibilities include the Oldshoremore Beach and Sandwood Bay hikes.

Fishing, Kinlochbervie has a rich history of fishing, and you can go sea fishing there. A variety of fish, such as cod, haddock, and occasionally even salmon, may be caught.

species watching: A variety of species can be found in the area. Seabirds, seals, dolphins, and even the elusive golden eagle should all be seen.

Photographic opportunities are abundant due to the stunning coastline, cliffs, and beaches.

Beaches: Oldshoremore Beach and Polin Beach are just two of the lovely beaches in and around Kinlochbervie where you can go for walks, have a picnic, or just take in the scenery.

Regional Food, Make sure to sample some of the Scottish fare, which includes local seafood that is just-caught. Traditional fare like haggis, neeps and tatties, and the well-known Scottish salmon may be offered at some venues.

Surrounding Attractions, Kinlochbervie is a destination unto itself, but you might also want to check out these places close by:

Smoo Cave: Smoo Cave, which is close to Durness, is an intriguing geological feature that consists of a sizable freshwater cave and a sea cave.

Cape Wrath: To go to Cape Wrath, which is the northwestmost point of British mainland, think about taking a ferry and then a minibus. The region is renowned for its lighthouse and stunning cliffs.

Durness: This nearby village provides more services, points of interest, and beautiful beaches including Sango Bay.

Weather and Best Time to Go, Kinlochbervie's weather can be erratic; rain and wind are frequent throughout the year. The best time to go is usually during the summer (June to August), when the weather is often more pleasant and the days are longer.

Keep in mind that Kinlochbervie's allure resides in its isolated and tranquil environment. It's a wonderful location to escape the rush of contemporary life and take in Scotland's lovely natural beauty.

staying In Kinlochbervie

An exceptional chance to see the serene beauty of the Scottish Highlands and coastal life is provided by staying at Kinlochbervie for which you can search stay4you. What you need know about lodging, eating, and activities when visiting is as follows:

Options for lodging:

Bed and Breakfasts: Kinlochbervie is home to a number of beautiful B&Bs. These offer a comfortable and individualised stay with local hosts who may share local knowledge.

Guesthouses: Kinlochbervie's guesthouses frequently provide cosy rooms with a range of conveniences. If you want to strike a balance between privacy and neighbourhood hospitality, they are a good choice.

Cottages for Self-Catering: Renting a cottage for yourself can help you feel more autonomous. You'll get a private room and a kitchenette where you may cook.

Consider camping in the nearby campsite if you enjoy being outside. It's a wonderful way to experience nature while still having access to the necessities.

Eating and Dining:

Even though Kinlochbervie is a small village, there are a few restaurants there that serve regional Scottish food. Look for seafood dishes that feature local seafood such as fresh fish and shellfish.

Self-Catering: If you're staying in a self-catering facility, take advantage of the neighbourhood grocery stores to buy food items. This may be a reasonably priced method to sample the regional cuisine.

Exploration and Activities:

Hiking and nature walks: Take hikes or nature walks to discover the area's picturesque charm. You can choose a path based on your tastes because there are options for people of different fitness levels.

Exploring the Beach: Kinlochbervie is home to some stunning beaches where you may unwind, go for leisurely walks, or even have a picnic. Before leaving, make careful to check the tides and the weather.

Fishing: You might be able to go on a guided fishing excursion or try your luck from the coast if fishing is something you're interested in. If you want information about fishing chances, ask local business owners.

Watching wildlife: Keep an eye out for animals like seabirds, seals, otters, and even dolphins and whales. Your experience seeing wildlife can be improved by binoculars.

Photography: There are numerous options for great photography due to the rocky terrain, seaside beauty, and shifting weather patterns.

Day Trips: Think about taking day trips to neighbouring landmarks like Smoo Cave, Cape Wrath, and Durness. These locations provide distinctive experiences that enhance your time in Kinlochbervie.

Weather factors to consider

Scotland's weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared. Bring waterproof gear, layers of clothing, and strong outdoor-appropriate shoes.

You may completely saturate yourself in the splendour and serenity of the Scottish Highlands by staying in Kinlochbervie. The hamlet and its environs have something unique to offer, whether you're looking for leisure, outdoor activities, or a combination of both.

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