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You can visit the display in Thurso in addition to the viewpoint at Dounreay, which is located above the decommissioned power station. From the main road, follow the signs for the visitor centre to find these buildings, which have, without a shadow of a doubt, become an indelible feature of this shoreline over the course of many years. Take an immediate right after turning into the Dounreay facility, and you will find yourself in a parking lot with a view of the power station, which is in the...

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Halkirk Visitor Information Guide
Halkirk Visitor Information Guide

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Halkirk is a village on the River Thurso in Caithness, From Halkirk the B874 road runs towards Thurso in the north, There’s plenty to see and do in and around the delightful town it has plenty of lovely traditional shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, offering accommodation to suite all pockets from Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, Hostels, Camping and Caravanning, to Self Catering, as well as many attractions, it is situated at the northern terminus of the A9 road, the main road linking Caithness with the south of Scotland, it is 19.5 miles west of John O'Groats and 20.4 miles Northwest of Wick.

Thurso railway station is the most northerly location served by Britain's rail network which links the town directly with Wick, Caithness, and with Inverness, offering accommodation to suite all pockets from Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, Hostels, Camping and Caravanning, to Self Catering. respectively.

Exploring Halkirk

Halkirk is a little settlement in Scotland's Caithness region. It is renowned for its picturesque surroundings, historical landmarks, and quaint ambiance. Here are some of the top attractions in Halkirk that you might want to take into account while planning your visit:

Visit the historical landmark Halkirk Stone, which is close to the village, to kick off your exploration. A significant archaeological site, this old Pictish stone is decorated with beautiful sculptures.

Take a leisurely stroll along the Halkirk Heritage Trail to view the natural and historical splendour of the area. You'll pass through several interesting locations along the walk, such as historic structures and beautiful landscapes.

Visit St. Peter's Church, a stunning 19th-century structure situated in the centre of Halkirk. The church's interior and exterior are beautiful, and they shed light on the village's rich religious history.

River Thurso fishing: The River Thurso flows close to Halkirk and provides excellent opportunities for anglers. Spend some time at the riverbanks if you want to fish and try your luck catching some salmon or trout.

The Caithness Horizons Museum is worth a visit if you're interested in learning more about the history and culture of the area, even if it's located in Thurso, about 5 miles from Halkirk. The museum features displays on the region's history, geology, and archaeological finds.

Several mediaeval castles, including Castle Sinclair Girnigoe and Castle of Old Wick, are located within a short driving distance of Halkirk. These castles are well-known sites with intriguing tales to share.

Keep an eye out for regional festivals and events that may be taking place in and around Halkirk depending on the time of year you visit. The local culture and traditions can be experienced in a wonderful way by taking part in community celebrations.

Scenic Drives: Halkirk is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and you may take a number of scenic drives to take in the Scottish Highlands' wonderful scenery.

Keep in mind that Halkirk is a small village, thus compared to bigger cities, it offers a more calm and relaxed atmosphere. For those who enjoy the outdoors, are interested in history, or just want a quiet getaway in the Scottish countryside, this is the place to go.

The John O'Groats Journal, dated 22 September 1886, reported that the first Games started by the Halkirk Athletic Club was held in a field adjoining the new Gerston Distillery on Saturday 16th September. The Committee was 10 strong and the President and Secretary were Messrs H J MacKay and William Patterson.

There were 16 events staged the 21lb ball, 16lb hammer, running high leap, vaulting with pole, standing jump, running long jump, hop step & leap, 100 yards, quarter mile, one mile open and confined to Parish, 3 legged race, obstacle race, sack race, highland fling, tug O' war. Halkirk is a peaceful little village in Caithness, said to be the first planned village in Scotland, surrounded by moorland and spectacular views, with excellent access to both the north sea and down to the Moray Coast. Halkirk offers a handful of amenities including small village pub, shop selling local produce and a hotel with restaurant, it is ideally placed for touring this remote and beautiful area of the Northern Highlands. It is situated perfectly for a visit to John O'Groats, which is just 25 miles away and Durness, where you can find Smoo Cave, Cape Wrath and the Durness Golf Course, Each of the 9 holes on the course offer different views and different challenges and with a different set of tees for holes 10 to 18 the views stay the same but the challenges change slightly giving a real 18 hole feel. The Par 5, 6th and 15th, is played around Loch Lanlish, although the brave, big hitters can go for the small green with their second shot but any mishit would find a watery grave, this hole in particular was praised by Ronan Rafferty on his visit to the course. The 9th and 18th which are played across a deep gulley into which flows the Atlantic. There are daily ferry crossings to Orkney it is about a 30 minute drive along the coast.

The Castle of Mey makes an interesting day out, it is located in Caithness, on the north coast of Scotland, about 6 miles west of John O' Groats, in fine weather there are views from the castle north to the Orkney Islands The Castle and Gardens have held Visit Scotland's highest award of a 5 Star quality assurance grading every year since their first unannounced visit in 2007. Their annual assessments include all aspects of the castle, gardens, animal centre, gift shop and tearoom. There are awe-inspiring views over the moorlands and glens, Halkirk is ideal for quiet retreat with walks and bird watching. The pattern of the small holdings makes for a symmetrical and lengthy village which runs from the railway line between Georgemas junction and Thurso past a stretch of the Thurso river.

There are prehistoric remains all around Halkirk including stone rows between Loch Calder and Brabster. Here you can find Braal Castles located by the river Thurso north of the village of Halkirk, the ruined castle, which dates back to the mid-14th century, was originally known as the Castle of Brathwell, it is said that this was the site in 1222 the people of the diocese burned the Bishop of Caithness in revenge for being over taxed. The old castle at Braal is of Norse origin, though probably not in its present form, and is of striking contrast to other castles in Caithness. The new Castle in Halkirk was built-in the late 19th century, in front of the old castle ruin, today they both belong to the Sinclair's of Ulbster.

Staying In Halkirk

Being a guest in Halkirk, a small Scottish community in Caithness, may be a nice experience. While visiting Halkirk, you might wish to know and do the following:

Accommodations: Because Halkirk is a small community, there may not be many possibilities for lodging. However, lodging options including guesthouses, bed & breakfasts, and even vacation cottages could be rented out.

Local Attractions: Halkirk, despite its tiny size, has a number of charming attractions to offer. Explore the stunning Caithness countryside, go sightseeing, and take in the peace and quiet of the area.

Castle of Mey: You can visit the Castle of Mey, which was one of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother's palaces, a short drive from Halkirk. It's a lovely castle with lovely gardens and lovely Pentland Firth views.

Nature & hiking: If you prefer being outside, you can go on walks or hikes through the beautiful scenery. The surrounding area of Halkirk is renowned for its beauty.

Whisky Distilleries: Scotland is well-known for its whisky, and there are a few in the region. One of the best ways to learn about the whisky-making process and sample some of Scotland's finest spirits is to pay a visit to one of the nearby whisky distilleries.

Local Events: In and around Halkirk may be hosting festivals, events, or other gatherings at the time of your stay. It can be a good chance to learn about the customs and culture of the area.

Photography: Halkirk is a great place for photography enthusiasts to visit because of the stunning landscapes and surroundings.

Local Cuisine: Don't pass up the opportunity to sample some traditional Scottish fare in neighbourhood restaurants and pubs. Scottish salmon, haggis, and neeps and tatties are a few popular dishes you might like to try.


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