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  • Gourdon Latitude: 56.829789 N Longitude: -2.286686 W 
  • Gourdon Postcode DD10 
  • Gourdon WOEID 21427
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Gourdon Kincardineshire to the south of Inverbervie, a picturesque fishing village with a good harbour, has a history of enterprising prosperity.

Gourdon grew rapidly in the l9th centuary when most of the houses of the see town round the harbour were built, and by l855 it had a fleet of over 100 boats. In recent times it became the most prosperous hand-line fishing port in the United Kingdom.

It was the first port in Scotland to adopt the diesel driven boat for fishing at a time when the steam drifter seemed to be sweeping all before it.

After the First World War it went through a lean time, but by tenacity and a willingness to innovate and experiment it has won through. The chief factor in this success has been the readiness of its womenfolk to continue the hard labour of baiting lines that used to be the lot of every Scottish fisherman's wife.

Two other factors contribute to the pre-eminence of Gourdon in its special niche in the fishing world.

One was the adoption of synthetic fibre lines, which are superior to the old horsehair ones. The other was the resource of the port’s buyers and merchants in marketing the fish.

Nature herself provides a third helpful factor due to the existence of good fishing grounds offshore. There are several fish packing and processing plants in the village. The boats can be, and are, also used for seine-netting and lobster fishing, according to the state of the market.

The l5th-cent. Tower of Benholm. Crowned with its parapet and angle bartizans, stands in the neighbourhood. It is a former stronghold of the Keiths, to which a modern mansion was added in comparatively recent times. A famous jewel theft took place at Benholm Castle in l623. in which the culprit was the 5th Earl‘s widowed countess.

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