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Caithness, Freswick or Skirsa, whatever you like, Freswick is conveniently positioned, on the North Coast 500 route, between John O' Groats and the town of Wick on the East coast. It is a small, lonely hamlet that overlooks Freswick Bay to the east and is located in eastern Caithness.

Cannisby, which is the closest community with a primary school, is located less than 5 miles away, whereas Wick is roughly 12 miles and Thurso is approximately 20 miles distant.

Freswick Castle is the, The name comes from the Old Norse word Thrasvk, which translates to "bay of fresh water." It was most likely named after the Gill or Freswick Burn, both of which empty into the ocean at Freswick Bay.

The entrance to this tower, which has five levels, is located on the first floor and is reached via a stone staircase located on the exterior of the building.

A hotel, a post office, a convenience store, and a gas station can all be found in close proximity to one another at Lands End, which is close to the settlement of John O'Groats.

Situated on the most Northern shore of the UK mainland, this property features excellent views across the Pentland Firth to Orkney, Dunnet head, Stroma, and The Castle of Mey.

From this vantage point, it is possible to see orcas, various seabirds, and sea otters.

Canisbay is the location of the Local Primary School, which is also the site of a doctor's office.
The town of Wick is located roughly 18 kilometres (11 miles) away and features a wide variety of shops, including Tesco, Boots, New Look, Pets at Home, Argos, and B&M, in addition to financial institutions and a post office, as well as a hospital.

There are a lot of chances for recreation, such as the well-known golf course and club house in Helmsdale. In addition to them, there is a squash club, a public swimming pool, and a fitness centre.

The closest airport is in Inverness, which has connections to Edinburgh and Aberdeen as well as the rest of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. In addition to having reliable rail and transport services.

Freswick is a 115.3 miles via A9 and A99 from Inverness city, the bay is one of the few places along the Caithness coast were the high sheer cliffs descends softly to a wide stretch of sandy beach, the villages inland on the road from wick to John O Groats, Noss Head is a large rock formation that shelters Freswick bay.

  • Freswick Latitude: 58.590615 Longitude: -3.085403 
  • Postcode KW1
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A Viking settlement was established here in the 12th century it was ruled over by Svein Asleifarson, who built a long house here. The lands were owned by his stepson, The ruins of Bucholly Castle are just to the south of Noss Head,. dating, probably, from the 1400s, The castle was replaced by the house on this site, which was sold to the Sinclair's in 1661.

The tower house and usually known as Freswick Castle, it was significantly expanded into what became known as Freswick Tower this is a great place for exploring the northern tip of Scotland. It is excellent for catching the ferry to the Orkney Isles from John O'Groats.

The Queen's mothers holiday home in Mey is in this area which is now open to the public, There are cliff top walks and long sandy beaches The most northerly distillery is in Wick which produces Old Pultney whisky well worth a visit.

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