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  • Durness Latitude: 58.568414 Longitude: -4.747103 
  • Durness Postcode IV27 
  • Durness WOEID 18770
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Durness, a village overlooking the waters of the Pentland Firth. Close by is Smoo Cave, of cathedral dimensions and comprising two chambers, one 200 ft long and 120 ft high and open to the public.

Durness in Sutherland, Scotland includes a boutique B&B accommodation as well as hotel and guest house, if you owb B&B accommodation in Durness you can advertise free. 

Durness Sutherland Highland Scotland a large crofting township about a hundred and twenty miles from Inverness university city of the highlands, offering Bed and Breakfast, hotels and hostel accommodation.

To the north is Balnakeil house formerly the seat of Lord Reay, Built by the Mackay chiefs as a family mansion on the site of an earlier building which had at one time been the summer palace of the medieval Bishops of Caithness. There is little by way of contemporary documentation on the building itself but plenty of stories about the place and its inhabitants.

The first occupant of the rebuilt mansion, Donald, son of the third Lord Reay was, according to poet Rob Donn, "the apex of society and entertainment, The house was listed in 1971 by Historic Scotland as a category "A" building, which makes it of national importance, Here you will find the ruins of a church built in 1619, but the church yard holds a fine carved monument to the Gaelic poet Rob Donn. To the east of Durness is Smoo Cave The approach to the cave is very impressive, with an entrance 50 feet (15 meters) high, 130 feet (40 meters) wide and 200 feet (61 meters) long. You are virtually walking towards a giant mouth. Inside the cave, there is a covered wooden pathway and bridge taking the visitor to a magnificent cascade that falls 25 meters into an 8 meter deep pool.

The cave is accessible via a circular walk which starts and finishes at the car park. As the car park (and main road) is situated high above the cave, the path leading to it goes downhill towards it, and uphill away from it. It is a rough path, so appropriate footwear is recommended.

Fishing here for the angler is regarded to be among the best because of the Lochs here having lime stone bottom's giving rise to freshwater shrimp and other small creatures that trout love to eat, with crystal clear water the most exquisite turquoise blue, generally shallow with a few deep holes; prolific insect life; challenging and often difficult fishing with superb quality wild brown trout.

This area has a famous name in the trout angling world. A geological treasure from the angling perception resulted in a large area of limestone being exposed around Durness consequently the waters around the area are alkaline, a rich and fertile environment where trout grow fit and large. Durness is uniquely special in that the lochs sit out on a semi peninsular of limestone surrounded by peat and gneiss studded hills. The area can be a bleak corner of mainland Britain and Durness is a wild and windy place but offers the traveller a chance to stay and explore this most beautiful and remote part of the Highlands, Accommodation here offers many Bed and Breakfast, self catering and hotels to suit all budgets.

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