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Crathie Visitor Information Guide

  • Crathie Postcode AB35
  • Crathie Latitude: 57.0415° N Longitude: -3.2202° W
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Crathie Aberdeenshire, this little hamlet is the nearest populated place to Balmoral Castle principally famous for the parish church attended by the Queen and her family during their residence on Deeside in August and September each year, this kirk, which stands on a high bank on the north side of the North Deeside road just beyond the 49th milestone from Aberdeen was opened in June 1895 and was  designed in a style reminiscent of the Kirk of St Monans in Fife by the late A. Marshall Mackenzie. the architect of the modern frontage of Marisehal College.

It replaced a plain, almost barn like, kirk of the early 19th century where Queen Victoria unfailingly attended service. The church contains memorials to various members of the Royal Family, and the gates commemorate King George Vl. ln the kirkyard beside the ruins of a still older church by the river is the monument erected by Queen Victoria to her servant John Brown, whose house on the other side of the Dee can be seen from this point.

What is probably the best View of Balmoral Castle can be obtained from the road that climbs the hill to the north of Crathie towards Glengairn, from which it crosses the watershed of Glaschoille (1,805 ft) to Strathdon near Cock Brig.

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