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Cabrach is situated in Aberdeenshire it is an extraordinary upland plateau of heath-covered hills, barren moors, and far-stretching rugged deer forests.

An excellent road traverses it today, rising up to well over the 1,300-ft contour across the

moors from Rhynie and Lumsden and descending after 10 miles to lnverharroch, where the Deveron is crossed, then rising once more at close on 1,200 ft to that spectacular pass called the

Glacks of Balloeh. and thence 4 miles north west to Dufftown.

While Upper Cabrach on the Aberdeenshire border is largely barren moor and deer forest. ringed by magnificent mountain peaks. Lower Cabrach has many pastoral farms, though the total population of the parish, over 34.000 acres in extent, is barely low in comparison.

Cabrach is located in Moray in the north-east corner of Scotland, on the northern edge of the Cairngorm Highlands. It is a lonely and sparsely populated area of natural beauty with unspoiled views over the mountains and heather moors.

The Cairngorms National Park is home to a wide variety of outdoor pursuits, including cycling, hiking, and snow and water sports.

The Cabrach region has a rich and eventful history of whisky distilling, and it was rumoured to have been a popular hangout for bootleggers and illegal distillers in the past. There are regular bus routes that leave from Alford, providing connections to Aberdeen, Westhill, Kintore, and Kemnay. Additionally, there are train stations in the surrounding towns of Insch and Inverurie.

In the early 19th century, the Cabrach region was home to a large number of illegal distilleries. As a result, numerous genuine enterprises opened in the region, only to quickly shut down again. Despite this, the Cabrach region is often considered as the location where malt whisky was first created.

Further inland, to the north, there are a number of well-liked coastal areas that provide lengthy stretches of sandy beaches and breathtaking vistas.

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