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Burghead, Elgin, United Kingdom
Burghead, Elgin, United Kingdom

Burghead Holiday Accommodation Guide

Burghead Holiday Accommodation Guide is available to help you design your vacation stay in and around Burghead. The town of Burghead which is situated in Moray half-way between Forres and Lossiemouth lacing west over the Moray Firth on the tip of its bay and created early in the 19th century is still a busy port, seine-net fishing harbour and sailing centre, and headquarters of the former Outward Bound Moray Sea School for young men, which closed in 1976.

Burghead has a unique relic of ancient times the remarkable rock-cut structure, thought to be an early Christian baptistery, possibly constructed by followers of St Columba in the 6th century Under a hill-slope. Just off the Burghead headland, this well was discovered in 1809. A stair hewn from the solid rock leads down to a chamber 11 ft high with a well or cistern almost square and 4 ft deep, cut into the floor.

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Round the well runs a stone ledge 4 ft wide with a raised seat or altar at one corner. It has been suggested that the present roof a lofty ‘Roman' arch. was built in l8l0 by William Young of Inverugie to replace a vaulted ceiling also carved from the rock.

The well is in the care of the Department of the Environment and open to the public at all times.

Pietish sculptured stones bearing incised representations of bulls were found here, the originals are in the British Museum, but replicas may be seen in the Harbour Masters office and there is an elaborate ancient fort on the headland which has been variously identified as the Ptoroton of the Romans and the Torfness of the Vikings, but Burghead is probably best known for its annual ceremony of the Burning of the Clavie.

At the landward end of the cliff-top plateau is the smoke-blackened Dourie Pillar, a l9th century freestone erection on which the Clavie is enthroned during the Aul ’Eel ceremony, which itself appears to have been carried on for at least 300 years. The Clavie is made from half a tar-barrel fixed to a stout shaft 5 ft long by a hand-wrought nail hammered in with a stone. At six o'clock precisely on the evening of llth Jan., it is lit at the Manse Wall of the old United Presbyterian church with a peat from a household fire by the Clavie King. Then follows the march around the burgh to the Dourie Hill from which, after blazing with glorious vigour, it is felled, to cascade down the grassy slope. The embers treasured as keepsakes and sent to ‘exiled’ Burgheadians all over the world, are known as ‘witches’.

There are splendid views from Burghead round the Moray Firth and farther north west and, apart from the busy scene in the harbour, there are the striking tour storey warehouses and waterfront.

Visiting Burghead

A tiny town located in the county of Moray in Scotland, approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) north-west of Elgin. Explore a region that is rich in natural diversity, from the towering peaks of the Cairngorm Mountains to the craggy shores of the world-famous Moray shoreline.

The majority of the town is situated on a peninsula that expands north-westward into the Moray Firth. The Moray Firth is on three sides, therefore the town is surrounded by water. Learn about the history of the region, beginning around the year 400 AD and continuing up to the present day.


Make your reservation at a cottage that is situated in a desirable location on the outskirts of the beach village of Burghead.

The accommodations have a foyer, a hallway, a living room, a dining kitchen, a utility room, and four double bedrooms, making it an excellent choice for a vacation with a big number of families.

In this part of Scotland, with its varied Moray Speyside terrain, there are a lot of different chances for people who are interested in sports and activities that require a lot of excitement.

The golden-colored sandstone that dates back to the Permian and Triassic periods is exclusive to this region of Scotland and may be found along the rugged coast that stretches from Burghead to Lossiemouth.

Since these sandstones provide such lovely construction stones, the entire coast has been exploited for their quarrying for generations.

There are cliffs and sea caverns, and some of the sea caves show evidence that they have been utilised from the period of the Picts and beyond.

The rocks at Burghead date back to the Triassic period and are estimated to be around 240 million years old. The sand beds were created by an ancient river system depositing sediment. Pebbles were carried down into the layers below by the river from the mountains in the area, and you can see where the channels eroded down into the layers below if you look closely.

You will be staying in a caravan that features two twin beds and built-in furniture, all of which has been finished to the greatest degree. In addition to the private bathroom, there is also a family-sized bathroom that is rather large and features up-to-date fixtures and equipment. Cottage is a modern detached cottage that is beautifully appointed and tastefully decorated throughout. It has two bedrooms, a dining kitchen, a shower room, and a sitting room. Book into a Cottage is a charming traditional Victorian country house. Cottage is a modern detached cottage that is beautifully appointed and tastefully decorated throughout. In addition to connections to other significant regional centres, such as a sleeper service to London, the airport in Inverness offers a number of flights both inside the country and to other European destinations.

There are great connections to other modes of transportation: the neighbouring A96 connects Aberdeen and Inverness and runs all the way to Inverness; meanwhile, Elgin station provides regular services to Inverness. Stay in a spacious designer home that is just a minute's walk from an unspoiled sandy beach and the coastal footpath, yet is only a short drive away (approximately 8 miles) from the city of Elgin, which is Moray's primary shopping and civic core.

Make a reservation at this detached cottage with four bedrooms, which is situated in a desirable area on the outskirts of the beach resort of Burghead. Benefiting from double glazing, oil central heating, an integral garage, and a garden for enjoying outdoor entertaining, this home features an entry hallway, a living, a dining kitchen, a utility room, four double bedrooms with en suite shower rooms, and a family bathroom.

Book a room at a hotel that features a restaurant with stunning views of the ocean and is known for serving delectable dishes prepared locally.

While staying at the hotel, guests can take advantage of the freshly renovated rooms, which feature either breathtaking views of the sea or the surrounding countryside. The beach is only a few steps away, and it features an abundance of marine life as well as breathtaking landscapes along the coast.

This area is the best playground in the world, and it's open all year long to both kids and adults. Including extreme sports like white water rafting, cliff jumping, river tubing, paintballing, and golf as part of the itinerary. Take a drive down the coast to witness breathtaking views and a wide variety of species, such as seagulls, dolphins, and seals, and if you're very lucky, you might even spot a minke whale, a basking shark, or even an orca once in a while.

The renowned coastline will lead you from Lossiemouth to Cullen, where you will have another opportunity to don a wetsuit and enjoy water sports such as sailing or rowing, paddling a kayak, or stand-up paddleboarding.

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