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Barassie Beach
Barassie Beach
Barassie beach sunset
Barassie Beach
Barassie Beach
Barassie Beach
Barassie Beach
Barassie Beach
Barassie Beach

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Barassie South Ayrshire is a small fishing village.

Visitors to the area should make the most of Barassie Beach, which is considered to be one of the most easily accessible beaches in Ayrshire, can be found to the north of Troon Harbour. This beach is a popular spot for a variety of watersports, including kite surfing, windsurfing, and sailing.

This stretch of sandy beach is quite stunning, and it offers breath-taking views of the Isle of Arran and the Firth of Clyde.

This popular sandy beach is both long and wide, making it ideal for strolling and relaxing at the same time. It also features breath-taking vistas. In close proximity to the shore is a grassy expanse that is quite large, as well as a playground specifically designed for children. In addition, there is a golf course, a grocery store, and a wide variety of dining options in the surrounding region.

Barassie Beach is located near Troon Beach, just around the curve in the coast, therefore it is not quite as crowded as Troon Beach. Although its length and width are greatly influenced by the tide, the beach is long, wide, and primarily flat. Visitors can explore a sizable area at low tide, but when the tide comes in, the majority of the beach is covered in water.

  • Barassie Latitude: 55.55° N Longitude: -4.65° E
  • Barassie Postcode KA10
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Take a stroll along the Ayrshire Coastal Path, which runs from Troon Marina all the way to Low Green in Irvine. It consists primarily of a lengthy stretch of sandy beach that is located between two populated coastal towns. Have fun taking a peek at the beachfront homes in Barassie as you drive through, and keep an eye out for the stone dragon that sits atop the sand dunes at Irvine Beach. The Isle of Arran can be seen from across the Firth of Clyde on days when the sky is clear.




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