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Loch Ness Cruising Trips Holiday Accommodation Guide for your next vacation in the Loch Ness area which is a large, deep, freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands extending for approximately 37 kilometres south west of Inverness. Its surface is 16 metres above sea level. Loch Ness is best known for alleged sightings of the cryptozoological Loch Ness Monster, also known affectionately as "Nessie". It is connected at the southern end by the River Oich and a section of the Caledonian...

Inverness Castle at night from River Ness
Inverness Castle
Inverness Castle
Eden Court Inverness
Eden Court
Eden Court
Inverness Airport
Inverness Airport
River Ness Inverness
River Ness
River Ness
Sight Seeing Bus Inverness
Sight Seeing Bus Inverness
Sight Seeing Bus Inverness
Fort George, Ardersier, Inverness
Fort George, Ardersier, Inverness

Ardersier Holiday Accommodation Guide

Ardersier Holiday Accommodation Guide provides the information for your visit, you will find that Ardersier provides the visitor with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outdoor activities associated with this Highland area making ample use of the sea from fishing to dolphin viewing.

Ardersier, north-eastward from Inverness sometimes known as Campbelltown, after its original Camp bell inhabitants.

It is one of the oldest fishing ports on the Mory Firth, though this role has completely disappeared. It now acts as a dormitory for Inverness and Nairn. You will find a great deal of holiday accommodation in and around the area, so whether your looking for a hotel, guest house, B&B or self catering accommodation you can enjoy your vacation in a holiday rental that suits you. Visitors to the area can enjoy the many activities available in the area.

Ardersier is a small former fishing village in the Highlands of Scotland on the shores of the Moray Firth, enjoying lovely views of the hills of the Black Isle and a long sandy beach, popular with locals and tourists alike. There is plenty of accommodation to be found to suit every pocket, from hotels to self-catering in the city or on the coast.

There is an abundance of wildlife in the area and a crescent-shaped pebble beach. You can spot dolphins all along the Moray Firth Coast. Take a dolphin boat trip and try to spot one of the friendly famous residents of the sea, like the bottlenose dolphins, the harbour porpoises, or even whales, especially the Minke whale, which are sometimes spotted from the battlements of Fort George.

Here is Fort George, which was built in the 1600s when the fishing village of Blacktown was moved.

The property is still a British Army base today. This huge plot of land is a fully functioning army garrison. It covers three floors of Fort George's former Lieutenant Governors' House. Today a museum, it is the largest regimental military museum in Scotland outside Edinburgh.

Discovering Ardersier Holiday Accommodation Guide

  • Ardersier Latitude: 57.5681° N Longitude: -4.0366° W
  • Ardersier WOEID 10933
  • Ardersier Postcode IV2
  • Ardersier Map
  • Ardersier Weather Forecast
  • Ardersier Reviews

Ardersier is well located for access to world-famous golf courses, such as Castle Stuart, Nairn, Royal Dornoch and Spey Valley.

Inverness is the capital city in the Highlands. It lies approximately fifteen miles to the west, providing an extensive range of retail, leisure and entertainment facilities, in addition to road and rail links to the north and south. From the A96, you can travel east to Nairn or west to Inverness, which is around 20 minutes in the car.

Inverness airport is only eight miles distant, opening up travel to several UK cities and international airports beyond, and a new railway station is scheduled to be opened in December 2022.

The Cheese Pantry at Connage is a traditional family-owned, fully organic business and Highland Dairy, situated on their family farm at Ardersier. Here you can find a full range of their own handmade cheeses and a superb hand-picked selection of guest cheeses from throughout Britain and the Continent.

Cawdor Castle, just a short drive away, is a castle in the parish of Cawdor in Nairnshire, Scotland. It is built around a 15th-century tower house, with substantial additions in later centuries. Originally a property of the Calder family, it passed to the Campbells in the 16th century.

The castle is perhaps best known for its literary connection to William Shakespeare's play Macbeth, in which the title character is Thane of Cawdor.

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