Sutherland Area Attractions

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Strath of Kildonan visitor information and Accommodation guide. Strath of Kildonan, In 1868 a native of the Strath returned from gold prospecting in Australia. Lured on by stories of sheep with golden teeth, he began panning the waters of the Helmsdale river and its tributaries, the Kildonan and Suisgill burns, rather unwisely he advertised his gold strike and within a year extensive digging in the area by hundreds of hopefuls brought the Kildonan Gold Rush to the Highlands. No one ever made a...

Sutherland Area Attractions

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Arkle Mountain in Sutherland, Scotland
Arkle Mountain in Sutherland, Scotland
Arkle Mountain in Sutherland, Scotland
Lochinver Sutherland
Melvich Sutherland
Stoer Sutherland
Arkle Mountain in Sutherland, Scotland
Arkle Mountain in Sutherland, Scotland

Altnaharra Holiday Accommodation Guide

Altnaharra Holiday Accommodation Guide with to discover that allthough Altnaharra is a small hamlet in Sutherland situated on the A836 the area still offers the visitor some good quality holiday accommodation to journey around the far North of Scotland and make the best of your vacation. Due to its location in the northern Highlands, which is nearly as far inland as it is possible to reach, Altnaharra might not be on everyone's schedule. Walkers and fishermen are two of the people who frequent the area because of its appeal.

The Gaelic name Allt-na-h-Eirbhe was anglicised to become Altnaharra, which means "burn of the separating wall or barrier" in English. It is quite possible that Altnaharra was once a shieling of the àirigh or 'dairying site' type. These settlements were frequently given their names after the burn on which they relied for the supply of pure water, which was necessary for the production of food. The settlement of Cleith Bric would have grown into these surrounding areas as the land became more fertile as a result of pre-Improvement pastoralism. This was done to satisfy the needs of what was formerly a populace that was thriving. This location has had constant human habitation for millennia; the historical anomaly is the fact that it is currently relatively uninhabited.

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  • Altnaharra Geolocation Latitude 58.280422° N Longitude -4.441974° E
  • Altnaharra Postcode IV27
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Sutherland is located in the Highland region of northern Scotland, and Altnaharra is a small hamlet located there.

There is only one main line service which runs through the Heart of Sutherland operated by Scots rail.

This is the service that runs from Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, to Wick and Thurso. Other stations in the region may be found in Ardgay, Culrain, invershin, Lairg, Rogart, and Kinbrace.

Take a group of pals and head out into the more remote parts of this highland region to go fishing. You can pass the time by relaxing in a row boat on one of the lochs or waiting for a bite while sitting on the side of the river.

The hamlet can be found on the A836 road, not far from where it connects with the B873.

Find a peaceful location to spend your vacation that is surrounded by farmland and has breathtaking views of Loch Nedd. Take a stroll through a natural reserve to discover Loch Naver and Loch Eriboll.

Lairg and Tongue are the two settlements that are located the closest to you. This spot along the NC500 is really breathtaking, with a breathtaking view of Quinag and the Sutherland hills in the background.

Spend your vacation in a cosy cottage complete with a garden, A large number of inhabitants and visitors are drawn to the area by this location, which provides access to a variety of recreational activities outside and features breathtaking landscape and an abundance of animals.
Nearby Drumbeg has a general store and a hotel, and Lochinver has a variety of retail establishments, dining options, and gas stations.

Altnaharra sits in the heart of the best spots for a variety of outdoor activities, such as cycling, walking, and watching animals. There are also Munro's, Ben Hope and Ben Klibreck, for people who like to "Munro Bag," or climb mountains. Spend your nights in a bed & breakfast that is known for being a popular stop for cyclists.

There are locations of ancient Brochs and Highland history and stories all across this region, and you may learn more about them in the museums and visitor centres located all around the region.

This area possesses unspoiled landscapes that are reminiscent of the moon, has a sparse population, and benefits from a one-of-a-kind environment that is characterised by a more moderate temperature due to the influence of the Gulf Stream.

With its steep cliffs, rocky inlets, and sea lochs on its western coast, and its award-winning beaches and nature reserves on its eastern coast, this is one of the last major wildernesses in Europe.

However, its centre and northern regions contain a wide variety of ecosystems, including vast open plains, marshlands, and estuaries, in addition to breathtaking highland landscape that consists of rolling hills, inland lochs, and breathtaking views.

This wildlife sanctuary undergoes constant transformation as the years pass, making it suitable for a wide variety of species as a breeding and nesting ground.

This is a rough environment that will take your breath away with its spectacular glens, ever-changing hills, gleaming rivers, and herds of gorgeous red deer.

Find miles of rivers, estuaries, and lochs, both on the coast and inland, with plenty of space to enjoy some time messing around on the water with friends and family. Book a day and take kayaks or open canoes out for the day and take your time to enjoy the stunning scenery, peace and quiet, and the abundance of birds and wildlife on the water and banks.

Take a break for lunch on one of the several secluded streams and inlets along the route, or have a picnic on one of the more remote islands.

The Skibo Estate is an excellent golfing contrast to the neighbouring 18-hole links courses of Brora, Golspie, Royal Dornoch, and Tain. If you are looking to book a romantic getaway for two, consider renting one of the most charming period cottages with three bedrooms, which is located in the hills and has a typical chocolate box image.

Driving through the rural areas of Heart of Sutherland is an excellent way to get a feel for the Highlands. Here you'll find virtually no other vehicles on the roads, in addition to magnificent scenery and famous local animals. You are never too far from civilization, whether you travel by road, rail, plain, or boat, despite the fact that you are endowed with an overpowering sense of calm and tranquilly.

Stay in a hotel that is located in an area that is known for having some of the best terrain for hill walking. This area is characterised by being surrounded on all sides by hills and mountains and having a large number of public footpaths, both along the coast and inland.

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