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Esha Ness Visitor Information Guide

Esha Ness a peninsula some 40 miles from Lerwick at the extreme north west of the Mainland, has some of the best cliff scenery in Shetland. And in summer the cliffs are alive with nesting birds. Shetland has plenty of types of holiday accommodation for your visit whilst you explore the area and enjoy the local hospitality.

There are numerous sea eaves. one of which connects with the Holes of Scraada. a remarkable hole in the ground. into which the sea flows through a subterranean channel some 300 ft long. Nearby also is the Grind of the Navir, an extraordinary cliff feature gouged out by the action of the sea in gale conditions.

Off the beach at Stenness stands the Dore Holm, a great rock pierced by a lofty arch through which the sea surges.

At Hamnavoe. near Esha Ness. was born John Williamson. better known as ‘Johnnie Notions" (1740 I800), a good weaver, joiner, clockrepairer, blacksmith and bone-setter who became locally famous for his inoculations during a smallpox epidemic about 1770. While doctors were advocating bleeding, purging and starving to deal with the disease, he evolved his own vaccine.

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He first dried the pus from the vesicles in peat smoke, then buried it, covered with cainphor, in earth, This process took several years: he then. with a self-made knife, raised the outer layer of the patient's skin on the arm and inserted a small portion of his vaccine, covering the slight wound with a cabbage leaf and leaving it to heal. It is claimed that over many years he thus inoculated several thousand people and not one person died of the disease.

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