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Wyre Visitor Information Guide

Wyre is a small island adjacent to to Rousay and south west to Egilsay, is notable for Cubbie Roo’s Castle and chapel, 12th century store structures built by Kolbein Hruga, who is described in the Haakon Saga as ‘a mighty man from Norway’. His son, Bjarni, became Bishop of Orkney and was also the skald (bard) whom composed the famous Jomsvikingadrapa. Hes also, in 1230, Hanef, steward to King Haakon of Orkney, after killing Earl Jon in Caithnes successfully defended the stronghold when besieged by the Earl’s men.

  • Wyre Geolocation Latitude 59.11853° N Longitude -2.970254° W
  • Westray Postcode KW17
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