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Mousa Visitor Information Guide

Mousa a minor island 11 miles south of Lerwick off the east coast possesses the best preserved Iron Age broch in existence, almost intact and standing 40 ft high, with the original galleries in the wall giving access to the top of the tower.

The broch rests on island flagstone, the same indestructible material that provides the paving stones of Lerwick and, despite later occupations and restoration, gives the clearest known indication of this kind of prehistoric building in Scotland.

Externally, the wall is 50 ft in diameter at the base and over 43 ft at the present summit, the original height having been possibly greater than any in Scotland.

A ferry boat takes visitors to Mousa from Sandwick on the Mainland in the summer.

  • Mousa Geolocation Latitude 59.9990° N Longitude -1.1753° W
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