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Fetlar Visitor Information Guide

Fetlar the island some 2.5 miles to the east of Yell and 3 miles south of Unst, is of particular interest to the geologist and ornithologist, Rock types are similar to those found on Unst, the gneiss comprising the western part of the island giving way to serpentine and related rocks in the east it is the most fertile of all the larger islands.

Since 1967 Fetlar has perhaps been best known as the only nesting-place in the British lsles of the magnificent snowy owl. There is an Observation Post and a resident summer warden of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, access is strictly limited during the nesting season, but there is much more to interest the bird-watcher. The island may be reached by vehicle ferry.

  • Fetlar Postcode ZE2
  • Fetlar Latitude Geolocation 60.6167° N Longitude -0.8667° W
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