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Eigg Visitor Information Guide

  • Eigg Latitude: 56.893676 Longitude: -6.153307
  • Eigg Postcode PH42
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Eigg, The island of Eigg (Gaelic: 'a hollow') lies close to the Scottish mainland, almost opposite Mallaig, a craggy peak rising to 1289 ft. Stands by a l,OOO ft contour, it is a residual block of pitchstone lava, Eigg's main settlement is Cleadale, a crofting town.

The island's chief land-use feature is the extensive home farm, an estate, of lush woodland, and a semitropical garden. A cave on Eigg, Uamh Fhraing (near the southernmost tip of the Eigg coast), was the scene in 1577 of a massacre of the MacDonalds by the Macleods of Skye who,  had used the cave for shelter, piled brushwood at the cave's entrance and set fire to it.

Eigg offers the visitor bed and breakfast accommodation to suit most needs and budgets.

Two hundred Mac­Donalds died in this avenging of a supposed wrong. In the Bay of Laig, on the west side of the island, are the Singing Sands which emit sounds under the walker's feet, resembling the strains of an Aeolian harp. This sound occurs at times of changes in temperature, such as at sunset.

Eigg place to stay offering all types of accommodation to suite every pocket from Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, hostels and self catering, it is one of the inner Hebrides, it lies about seven and a half miles from the nearest point of the mainland along with the Islands of Muck, Canna and Rum a small Isle parish about six miles long, The parish Eigg is one of the most geologically interesting of the Small Isles with its pitchstone peak, the Sgurr, its most distinctive feature.

The island is very popular with walkers, ornithologists and botanists, above on the cliffs is a high plateau where the botanists look for the Eigg vole and search the small lochs for rare water insects, to the south is a ridge that is a sheer 900 feet from the side of the Sgurr that twist with broken columns of pitchstone,

There is a walk that will take you to the top of pitchstone peak, it will take approximately two hours and with spectacular panoramic views, it is an attractive port of call for many who wish to explore its diverse corners, there is not much woodland here apart from a small amount of plantation in the south east corner, Eigg has been rightly called the isle of flowers by naturalists, its rich and varied plant-life includes 500 higher plant species and a bryophyte list numbering well over 300 species of which over 20 are national rarities.

A good deal of the land is covered in hazel scrub woodland so that Bluebells, Wild Garlic, Wood Anenome, Wood sorrel and Primroses abound in the spring, later in the summer, they are replaced by Honeysuckle, Enchanter's Nightshade and many other species. To the north you can find the Camus musical sands they sing when the sand is dry the wind blows through as if the sand is singing.

The Island has recently attracted media interest for its innovative use of renewable energy resources.

The mainland ferry terminals of Mallaig with Caledonian MacBrayne and Arisaig with Arisaig Marine to transport to Eigg are about an hour from Fort William on the A 830, Road to the Isles'.

The total journey time from Glasgow is about three hours, offering all types of accommodation to suite every pocket from Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, hostels and self catering and from Edinburgh about four hours offering all types of accommodation to suite every pocket from Bed and Breakfast, Hotels, hostels and self catering

There are only a very few miles of road on Eigg and the Highland Council have decided that the only vehicles allowed will be those of the residents, There is a wide range of places to stay on Eigg to suit every pocket and requirement. you may fancy a weekend of wild camping on an Atlantic beach, or stay in a Guest House, or Traditional Log Cabin, or a pod, or Bed and Breakfast.

The restrictions apply to vehicles driven on public roads on Eigg, Muck and Knoydart, This is supported by the communities to maintain their tranquil lifestyle as well as protecting the fragile road infrastructure.

Permits are available for residents, and temporary permits are available for registered contractors to take a vehicle which is being used to convey essential heavy equipment which cannot be transported without the use of a vehicle to Knoydart and The Small Isles. There is also provision for registered disabled persons' vehicles, to apply you need to contact the highland council.

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