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Burra Visitor Information Guide

Burra two islands, East and West, joined by a bridge for nearly 200 years. Lies close to the Mainland south west. of Scalloway and since l97l has been joined via the small island of Trondra to it by bridges. It has a relied on a fishing community, but now its economy has thus been considerably diversified.

The main centre is Hamnavoe, picturesqucly nestling round the fishing harbour, and there is another settlement at Bridgend at the joining of the two Burras. Burra is of archaeological importance through Papil. A centre of the early Celtic Church. Several interesting sculptured stones have been found in the churchyard of a ruined although relatively modern church, including the beautiful Papil Stone, now in the National Museum of Antiquities in Edinburgh, and the Monk’s Stone, a prized exhibit in the Lerwick Museum.

  • Burra Latitude Geolocation 60.0833° N Longitude -1.3167° W
  • Burra Postcode ZE2
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