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Moray Hospitality & Holiday Accommodation Guide

Moray Holiday Visitor Information Guide

  • Elgin Postcode IV30
  • Elgin Latitude: 57.6495° N Longitude: 3.3185° W
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The region has a rich history and a stunning natural landscape, offering fine local produce of barley destined for whisky production, Moray is home to a huge density of Whisky distilleries, Speyside, east of Inverness.

There are extensive forests and rugged uplands, waiting to be explored, sheltered by the mountains of the Scottish Highlands from the prevailing South West to West winds, much of Moray has a drier, warmer and sunnier climate than you might expect, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

Here there is an abundance of sea life around 130 bottlenose dolphins it has been estimate live in the Moray Firth, the dolphins often leap from the water close to the shore when the tide is coming in and they chase the shoals of fish, there are harbour seals a common sight, hauled out and basking on mud banks and sandy shores, further out of the harbour porpoises, white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, pilot whales and killer whales can sometimes be seen, there are plenty of options for trips out on sight seeing boats, look out foe the signs.

On the southern shore of the Moray Firth, you will find the Culbin Forest standing on one of the largest sand dune systems in Britain.

This is a great area to explore with the many fishing villages dotted up its dramatic coastline each with their own history and atmosphere.

  • Moray has beautiful sandy beaches.

Findhorn beach marks the Western edge of Burghead Bay. It's a beautiful beach with Culbin Forest to the west and the sweep of Burghead Bay to the east. It’s ones of the best known beaches in Moray. Seals can often be seen basking in the sun at the top of the bay.

Burghead Beach marks the eastern end of Burghead Bay, the tide drifts a long way out making it ideal for kite buggying.

Cummingston is a small village between Burghead and Hopeman, the beach is not well known and is not signposted from the road, there's a short stretch of sand surrounded by beautiful rock formations and caves, the cliffs are popular with rock climbers practising their art.

West beach in Hopeman is a short sandy hidden stretch beside the caravan site and harbour. Most visitors will drive past it but park near the harbour and walk past the boat repair area towards the caravan site to find 250m of lovely sand.

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