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Drumtochty Castle is set on the southern edge of Drumtochty Forest dating back to 1812 surrounded in 350 acres of a wild woodland glen and breath taking landscapes. This Scottish historical castle Drumtochty Castle is situated in Aberdeenshire. It is located in the scenic Drumtochty Glen and is encircled by wooded areas. The castle is a well-liked location for weddings, festivals, and opulent lodging and is renowned for its gorgeous architecture. Drumtochty Castle, which dates back to the...

Kincardine Attractions

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Kincardineshire Holiday Accommodation Guide
Kincardineshire Holiday Accommodation Guide

Kincardineshire Holiday Accommodation Guide

Kincardineshire Holiday Stay Accommodation and Property Rentals to Book Direct With Owners

Kincardineshire, also known as the Mearns. This is a historic county, on the coast of north east Scotland. It is bounded by Aberdeenshire on the north and west, and by Angus on the south.

Parts of the City of Aberdeen trespass across the Dee into Kincardineshire, the county consists of a mixture of cultivated land, woodland and moor, rising into the Grampian mountains. It naturally falls into four districts the Grampian, the Dee-side, Howe of the Mearns, and the Coast-side, the mountains of the Mounth reach the sea, forming a barrier dividing the coast, fishing and farming are the main industries, the Main Towns: Banchory, Fettercairn, Inverbervie, Kincardine, Laurencekirk, St Cyrus and Stonehaven.

  • Kincardineshire Latitude 56.917° N Longitude -2.5° E
  • Kincardineshire Postcode AB31
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A historic county in Scotland's northeast, Kincardineshire is also referred to as the County of Kincardine or the Mearns. It's important to keep in mind that the county was split into two separate council areas Angus and Aberdeenshire as a result of local government restructuring in 1975.

In the past, the North Sea to the east and the River Dee to the west served as Kincardineshire's approximate borders. The town of Kincardine, now known as Stonehaven, served as the county seat at one time. Banchory, Inverbervie, Laurencekirk, and Portlethen are some of the other important towns in the region.

The scenic coastlines of Kincardineshire are famous for Dunnottar Castle, a mediaeval fortification located on a cliff overlooking the North Sea. Additionally, the area has fertile farmland, rolling hills, and the River Dee, which is well-known for its salmon fishing.

With traces of human settlement extending back thousands of years, the region has a rich past. In Kincardineshire, you may still see stone circles and historic structures that date back thousands of years. Additionally, the county has participated in numerous historical battles and conflicts.

Even though Kincardineshire no longer exists administratively, the name is still used to describe the area and its historical significance. Tourists frequently visit the region to take in its historical landmarks, explore its natural beauty, and engage in outdoor pursuits like hiking, golfing, and fishing.

Staying In Kincardineshire

A pleasant experience can be had while staying in Kincardineshire. Kincardineshire, a county in Scotland's east coast, is home to stunning scenery, interesting landmarks, and a quaint atmosphere. Here are some things to think about and relish while you're there:

Accommodations: There are many different lodging options available in Kincardineshire, including hotels, bed and breakfasts, cottages, and self-catering flats. You have a variety of lodging options to select from, depending on your preferences and price range.

Dunnottar Castle is among Kincardineshire's most recognisable tourist destinations. This mediaeval fortification, perched on a rock above the North Sea, has breathtaking views and a fascinating history. A must-do activity is walking around the castle grounds and learning about its history.

Walks Along the Coast: The Kincardineshire coastline is renowned for its wonderful scenery. Enjoy a leisurely stroll down the shore while taking in the stunning scenery and cool sea wind. There are many coastal trails and walkways to select from, including the Stonehaven to Inverbervie coastal circuit and the Fowlsheugh Nature Reserve.

When you are in Kincardineshire, you should visit the town of Stonehaven. Visit the Tolbooth Museum, stroll the sand beach, or explore the harbour area. Don't pass up the chance to sample some local restaurants' fresh fish.

Dunnottar Woods: A trip to Dunnottar Woods is strongly advised if you enjoy the outdoors. This wooded region, which is close to Stonehaven, has serene walking pathways, a diverse wildlife population, and lovely vegetation. It's a fantastic location for relaxation and nature immersion.

Another gorgeous coastal town worth seeing is Montrose, which is just to the north of Kincardineshire. Visit the Montrose Museum, take a stroll along the white sand beach, or play a round of golf at one of the world's oldest golf courses, the Montrose Golf Links.

Banchory: The town of Banchory, which is located on the banks of the River Dee, is renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor pursuits. Take a stroll down the river, see the magnificent grounds of Crathes Castle, or go trekking and animal watching in the adjacent Cairngorms National Park.

Local cuisine: While visiting Kincardineshire, you can savour a variety of delectable dishes. There are many alternatives to please your palate, ranging from fresh seafood to traditional Scottish cuisine. Try some of the regional specialties, like haggis, Cullen skink (a creamy fish soup), and Aberdeen Angus meat.

Keep in mind to look out any particular COVID-19 rules or restrictions that might be in effect when you visit. Take advantage of Kincardineshire's stunning beauty and rich legacy while you're here and have a great time!

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