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Dunnet Head (Peninsula) in Caithness Dunnet itself runs along the line of the A836 coast road, but then extends north west in a highly scattered pattern of houses and cottages interspersed with meadows full of flowers, the B855 will take you to Dunnet Head, a headland quite high there’s a bit of a climb towards the end where there’s a car park by the lighthouse from here it is a short walk to a rugged peninsula. The sharp dramatic cliffs are home to a Stevenson Lighthouse which is now...

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Halkirk Reviews

Halkirk Attractions and reviews
Halkirk Attractions and reviews

Halkirk Attractions and reviews

Halkirk Attractions Reviews and Top Things To Do

The village of Halkirk is situated in Caithness, a historic county in Scotland's north. About 8 miles (13 km) southwest of Thurso, another town in Caithness, is where it is located. The town is renowned for its gorgeous surroundings and pastoral appeal despite having a small population.

Halkirk and Caithness are renowned for their breathtaking landscapes, which include rocky beaches, undulating hills, and historic sites. Numerous archaeological monuments and historic ruins may be found in the area, which has a long history.

Outdoor enthusiasts can engage in a variety of outdoor pursuits in Halkirk and the surrounding environs. Visit surrounding castles and historic places, enjoy fishing in the nearby rivers, or explore nearby walking paths.

Halkirk, like many rural communities, relies heavily on agriculture and allied businesses for its livelihood, but it also attracts tourists because of its picturesque surroundings and closeness to places like the North Coast 500, a well-traveled road that highlights the best of the Scottish Highlands.

Top Halkirk Attractions

The history and heritage of Halkirk and the surrounding area are on display at the Halkirk Heritage & Vintage Centre, a local museum. It's a fantastic location to discover the history, customs, and culture of the community.

St Peter's Church is a historic building from the 19th century that is still used for religious services and community gatherings. It is a stunning example of Scottish architecture.

Two very well-preserved Neolithic chambered cairns can be seen at Camster Cairns, which are just a short drive from Halkirk. Exploring these mediaeval graveyards is intriguing and offers a window into Scotland's prehistoric past.

Another beautiful church in the community is the Halkirk Parish Church, which is renowned for its serene settings and modest yet exquisite style.

River Thurso: The River Thurso flows through Halkirk and offers both locals and tourists the chance to go on beautiful treks and go fishing.

The northernmost point of mainland Britain is at Dunnet Head, which is technically not in Halkirk but close enough. It's a great place for wildlife lovers because of the seabird colonies and harsh coastal vistas.

Caithness Horizons is a museum and cultural centre that explores the history and traditions of the entire Caithness region. It is situated in Thurso, close to Halkirk.

Castle of Mey is a lovely mediaeval castle with gorgeous gardens that was once the private home of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and is not far from Halkirk.

Orkney Islands: While not actually in Halkirk, a day trip to the Orkney Islands from nearby Scrabster can be a special occasion. The islands have a long history, numerous Neolithic ruins, and stunning scenery.

Outdoor recreation activities are abundant in the Caithness region, including hiking, fishing, and birdwatching.

Remember that since my previous update, the availability of attractions and opening times may have changed. Before making travel arrangements, it's a good idea to check with neighbourhood tourist centres or tourism websites for the most recent information.

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