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The Wick Heritage Centre 20 Bank Row Wick Caithness and Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands. The Wick Heritage Centre houses a number of furnished rooms portraying past times, each room contains an array of authentic household furnishings, ranging from a traditional box bed to authentic Caithness chairs. Since 1971, the Wick Society has striven to protect and promote Wick's history, today the Wick Society has under its wing the Heritage Centre, here you will find a oral history project,...

Caithness Area Attractions

Dunnet Head Hospitlaity Accommodation

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The Whaligoe Steps Guide and Reviews

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Canisbay Parish Church Visitor Guide

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Dounreay View Point Holiday Accommodation Guide

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Bettyhill Holiday Accommodation Fishing Guide

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The Whaligoe Steps Reviews

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The parking lot is extremely limited in size and fills up very quickly. The route that leads to the parking lot is somewhat congested and cramped. Because there was nowhere else for our RV to go, we had to back ...
Ken · The Whaligoe Steps Guide and Reviews · 1 months ago

caithness Reviews

Reviews of Caithness tourist attractions
Reviews of Caithness tourist attractions

Reviews of Caithness tourist attractions

To make the most of your visit, read evaluations of the top Caithness attractions. To get a better sense of some of the top Caithness attractions, look up rated and reviewed local attractions beforehand and read reviews of nearby activities. This can be used to plan your travel. If you want to get the most out of your trip to Caithness, read through our travel guide before you leave. Have you given Caithness any thought? Stay4you.com is incredibly helpful because so many serious travellers have reviewed and rated hotels there. Before travelling to Caithness, read the reviews given by past visitors to get a feel for the region. Your journey to Caithness and the other towns and cities in the Scottish Highlands will go smoothly, depending on how well you prepared. Learning about the Caithness attractions may be useful if you want to discover more about the interesting locations in the area. Which aspect of Caithness do you think will draw visitors the most?

You can chose the top Caithness attractions and plan your vacation more effectively if you read published tourist recommendations on where to stay and what to do. If you have any inquiries regarding Caithness or the surrounding area, don't hesitate to contact us. Your suggestions will be taken into account when we update our descriptions of the region's top attractions and enhance the website's capacity to connect users with the most recent information.

Find sea trips based in Caithness and view the Whaligoe Steps, castles, sea caves and stacks, harbours, and various lighthouses, along with a variety of wildlife that can be seen from the water close up like the puffin colonies, and occasionally dolphins and whales as well.

On the A99 in Ulbster, you can stop by the Cairn o'Get. A modest stone tomb cairn in the shape of a round mound with a central chamber that was used for cremation and could be approached by a short and low passageway. The original burial was a modest stone cairn in the shape of a circle, but over time the top has been removed, revealing what the tomb was used for. Visits to the Cairn o'Get do not cost anything and are welcome at any time of the year.

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