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Village Smithy St Margaret's  The primary feature at the museum in the little village of St. Margaret's Hope is a rehabilitated blacksmith's smiddy that has been given a new lease of life as a museum.The Smiddy Museum can be found in St. Margaret's Hope on South Ronaldsay. This building was formerly used as the community's blacksmith shop, and it now houses an impressive collection of artefacts and tools that were utilised by the blacksmith who worked there in the past. There are horse...

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Birsay Attractions
Birsay Attractions

Birsay Attractions and Reviews

Research Birsay's Top Attractions and Read Traveler Reviews in One Place. Do your homework before booking your trip to Birsay, Orkney, to make the most of your stay there. With so many possibilities, it's helpful to have a place to begin your exploration of them all. For a head start on your trip, check out "Birsay Attractions" online to learn more about the local area.

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