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Thursday, 22 September 2022 19:03

Promoting A Destination Promoting your location to increase your hotel bookings is not always easy but you will find most areas have something that can be played on to excite visitors to the area whether an ancient battle or an annual activity.In order to be successful with this kind of sales approach, a hotel operator needs to collaborate with other tourist industry specialists located in their destination in order to market the area as a whole. Local companies work together as part of a...

Accommodation Marketing Services

Hotel Marketing Strategies

Thursday, 22 September 2022 19:03
Search For Holiday Accomodation

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Holiday Online Marketing Strategies

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Online Property Management Services Guide
Online Property Management Services Guide

Online Property Management Services Guide

Checkout stay4you.com Online Property Management Services Guide


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  We are able to offer free advertising with no Commission or fees, if you like our service we...

  We offer free our (PMS) Property Management System For all your bookings to be in one place...

  With our free Property Management System we can also offer what we believe to be the best value...

stay4you.com is able to provide a variety of Property Management Services packages to meet the requirements of your specific property. For instance, you may want to be in charge of the property management and have us only take the booking and market the property on your behalf. Alternatively, you may want us to handle all aspects of the property, including bookings, guest services, and so on. We will gladly collaborate with you to determine which of the available options is most suitable to meet your requirements.

We offer property management services specialising in the Hospitality accommodation sector, our services include the following.

Property Management Services

  • Advertising your holiday accommodation More Info
  • Booking Engine with complete property management
  • Add Images
  • Add Seasonal Prices
  • Channel Manager
  • Suitable for Hotels, Guest Houses, Motor Homes, Caravans, Boats & much more
  • Self Catering or Catered
  • Access for property managers (You have total control)
  • Cleaning Controls
  • Selling Your Hospitality Property More Info
  • We offer free help with your add
  • Display your property with information and images.
  • Add your contact details.
  • Update your listing 24/7
  • Display Your Price
  • Register as Agents, Owners, Sellers, Builder, Realtor etc.
  • Use the most popular location structure: Countries, Counties, Cities & More
  • Search tools like Map & Radius Search
  • Multilingual

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Checkout stay4you.com Online Property Management Services Guide  {loadposition...

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