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Wednesday, 18 January 2023 09:37
Auction Holiday Availability
Auction Holiday Availability

Last Minute Holiday Auction

Last Minute Holiday Auction


Ever have last minute availability and need to fill those dates the answer could be to Auction the dates.
Owners you can Auction your lastminute holiday dates. You can Auction your property listing through our extranet

Guests Booking:

Looking for last minute accommodation deals in the beautiful Scottish Highlands then check out the auction for hotels, guest houses and self catering accommodation.

If you have late availability for your holiday accommodation  whether it is in a guest house, B&B, hotel, Self Catering or private home then you can auction the dates here just login and add your property to the auction.

Looking for a great bargain for your visit to the Scotland, for great deals on your holiday accommodation start your bidding.

Certainly! Last-minute holiday auctions can be a great way to get fantastic discounts on trips, flights, lodging, and more. Here's how you can take part in a last-minute holiday auction:

Look into reliable auction sites or trip booking services that specialise in last-minute offers. Priceline, Hotwire, and Travelocity are a few well-liked choices. These websites frequently offer sections for last-minute bidding or flash deals.

Open a new account: Create a profile on the auction website. Some personal data and payment information will be required.

Browse Auction Listings: Look through the offers for last-minute vacations or available auction listings. These postings often include specifics about the location, the dates of travel, lodging information, and starting bid amounts.

Establish Your Budget: Choose a spending limit for the auction and select how much you're willing to offer for a specific vacation package.

Place Bids: After discovering a vacation package that grabs your attention, place your bid. Remember that other participants can also be placing bids, so it's crucial to constantly watch the auction and make aggressive offers.

Following the Auction: Follow the auction's development. You may be able to set up notifications or alerts on some auction websites to be notified of any outbids or adjustments to the auction's status.

Winning the Auction: Congratulations if your bid is accepted and you take home the winnings! To complete the booking procedure and reserve your vacation package, adhere to the steps given by the auction website.

Before bidding, remember to thoroughly read the auction's terms and conditions to make sure you are aware of all the criteria for payment and potential extra costs.

Good luck with your last-minute holiday auction and enjoy the thrill of bidding! Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

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