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Visiting Groam House Museum This is a lovely museum known as Groam House Museum is an outstanding centre for Pictish and Celtic Art in Ross-shire. A collection of Pictish stones and artefacts can be found in the Groam House Museum, which is dedicated to the area's Pictish past. The exhibits of the museum present the Picts, an ancient Celtic people who resided in Scotland throughout the early Middle Ages. To understand more about Pictish symbols, carvings, and their significance in...


Portmahomack Accommodation - Hospitality Property Sales and Rentals

Portmahomack Holiday Accommodation - Hospitality Property For Sale Or Rent - Book Direct With Owners

Portmahomack is a small fishing community in Easter Ross, and it serves as an excellent home base for a wide range of land- and water-based sports and recreational pursuits. The area's bars and hotels also routinely host performances by talented local musicians.

Situated on a stunning sandy bay, the community is home to some of the finest fresh seafood restaurants and a harbour created by Thomas Telford. It borders the Dornoch Firth and is located in the parish of Tarbat on the Tarbat Peninsula.

Search Portmahomack Holiday Accommodation and enjoy stunning sunsets which can be seen from your chalet or vacation home in this one and only community on Scotland's east coast that faces west. Portpatrick is home to a wide variety of restaurants and bars serving food for every palate, as well as sandy beaches and scenic landscapes to explore and numerous tea rooms to stop and refuel in. Golf, cycling, sea cruises, fishing, and water sports, as well as a whole region of walking routes to suit all skills and all ages, are all popular diversions here, as are fishing, strolling, and bird watching. You can stay at a B&B or a hotel, browse at a variety of stores selling regional goods and wares, and visit the Tarbat Discovery Centre, a well regarded museum dedicated to the region's history and culture.

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Exploring Portmahomack

  • Portmahomack Latitude 57.836024 Longitude -3.822248
  • Portmahomack Postcode IV20
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You can try your hand at golf on the nine-hole course and practise green. The hotels by the bay are prime viewing spots for spotting marine life, such as dolphins, seals, and a variety of seabirds.

Find a traditional, highland hotel or a pub in the heart of Portmahomack sitting by the campfire when the weather is variable, close to the harbour take a walk down the award winning sandy beach, with beautiful views of Dornoch Firth and the Sutherland hills. There is a wide variety of affordable and high-quality lodging options in this area.

Shop around a post office, restaurant all kinds of stores and supermarkets a short drive around the old village of Tain Full of dramatic history and scenic landscape, the town boasts spectacular buildings and architecture, and a vast of wildlife to be found in all seasons along with all kinds of sporting and leisure activities for all ages, find a Guest House, set in a rural location in the magnificent setting offering accommodation for families with children or group bookings, short and long term stays and well behaved dogs located in a prime spot for motorbike, vehicle, or camper van tours of the NC500 and access to the Eastern Ross Peninsula.

Portmahomack a former fishing village some nine miles East of Tain on the Dornoch Firth is now a holiday resort with accommodation available on caravan site and bed and breakfast as well as hotel.

The low sandy coastline of the Firth has views across to the Sutherland hills. Tarbat Ness Lighthouse, one of the highest towers in Scotland is at the end of the low peninsula. 

The coastline to the East is rocky and full of caves.

Staying In And Around Portmahomack

Portmahomack is a charming village situated on the Tarbat Peninsula within the Highland council area of Scotland. The region is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, significant historical landmarks, and diverse range of outdoor recreational pursuits. Please find below a list of recommended activities and attractions in the vicinity of Portmahomack:

The Tarbat Discovery Centre is an excellent starting point for your visit. The centre provides comprehensive information regarding the local history, archaeology, and wildlife. Visitors have the opportunity to acquire knowledge on various subjects including the Picts, early Christianity, and the fishing heritage of the region.

St. Colman's Church offers visitors the opportunity to explore its rich history, tracing back to the 8th century. This location holds significant historical and religious importance as an early Christian site, showcasing exquisitely crafted Pictish stones with intricate carvings.

Portmahomack Beach offers visitors the opportunity to indulge in a serene and rejuvenating experience. Whether you choose to bask in the sun, embark on a leisurely stroll along the picturesque coastline, or simply immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas, this destination promises a day of tranquilly and natural beauty.

Golf enthusiasts may enjoy the opportunity to partake in a round of golf at the esteemed Tarbat Golf Club, renowned for its picturesque vistas of the Dornoch Firth.

Walking and Hiking: There are many walking and hiking trails in the surrounding countryside, with opportunities to spot local wildlife and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Fishing: The region provides exceptional fishing prospects, encompassing both marine and nearby inland lakes.

Boat Excursions: Guests have the opportunity to embark on boat excursions, allowing them to discover the captivating coastline and potentially encounter various marine species such as dolphins, seals, and other fascinating marine life.

Portmahomack offers a variety of cafes and pubs that provide an opportunity to indulge in locally sourced cuisine and beverages.

Day Trips: Portmahomack serves as an excellent hub for day excursions to nearby points of interest, such as the esteemed Royal Burgh of Tain, the renowned Glenmorangie Distillery, and the picturesque Black Isle.

Archaeological Sites: Discover the abundant archaeological legacy of the region, featuring a diverse array of historic sites. Notably, the Hilton of Cadboll Stone, presently housed in the esteemed National Museum of Scotland, stands as a prominent highlight.

Local Art and Craft Shops: Explore the creative endeavours of talented local artists and artisans at various shops and galleries within the vicinity.

Birdwatching: The region is highly regarded among enthusiasts of avian observation, offering a diverse array of bird species, encompassing both seabirds and waders.

Nature Reserves: Explore the nearby nature reserves such as Nigg Bay and Udale Bay, which offer excellent opportunities for birdwatching and engaging in nature walks.

Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy exploring the region by bike, as there are a variety of cycling routes and trails available to accommodate cyclists of all skill levels.

Find Serenity and Rejuvenate: At times, it is most beneficial to engage in relaxation, appreciate the breathtaking vistas, and embrace the serenity offered by this coastal village.

Please ensure to verify the current operating hours of local establishments and be mindful of any travel restrictions that may be in effect, particularly in light of the evolving situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Portmahomack is a captivating destination that offers ample opportunities to immerse oneself in the awe-inspiring natural landscapes and rich historical heritage of the Scottish Highlands.

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A Hidden Gem of Scottish History and Tranquility
 · 1 month ago
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I recently had the privilege of visiting the charming village of Portmahomack on the Scottish coast, and it left an indelible mark on my heart. Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Highland council area, this hidden gem offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and tranquility.

History Comes to Life:
Portmahomack is a history enthusiast's dream come true. The Tarbat Discovery Centre is an exceptional starting point, offering a fascinating journey through time. The displays on the Picts, early Christianity, and the local fishing heritage were both educational and captivating. The discovery of St. Colman's Church, with its ancient Pictish stones and rich Christian history, transported me back to a bygone era.

Scenic Bliss:
The village's crowning jewel is Portmahomack Beach. Its powdery sands, framed by serene waters, create a picture-perfect setting for leisurely strolls and contemplative sunsets. The vast expanse of the coastline provided ample opportunities for relaxation and reflection, with the soothing sound of the waves as my constant companion.

A Taste of Scotland:
The nearby Glenmorangie Distillery is a must-visit for whisky connoisseurs and novices alike. The guided tour gave me an insight into the meticulous art of whisky-making, and the tastings were a delectable treat for the senses. It was a delightful experience that added to the cultural richness of the region.

Natural Wonders:
Exploring the Tarbat Ness Peninsula and its historic lighthouse was another highlight. The panoramic views from the lighthouse were nothing short of mesmerizing. Birdwatching at Udale Bay and Nigg Bay was an experience I'll cherish, as I observed various avian species in their natural habitat.

Local Hospitality:
The warm hospitality of the local cafes and pubs added a personal touch to my visit. I relished delicious Scottish dishes, met friendly locals, and engaged in meaningful conversations about the area's heritage.

Portmahomack, with its rich history and natural allure, is a place where time slows down. Its serene ambiance and cultural depth make it a destination worth savoring. Whether you're a history buff, nature lover, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, Portmahomack has something truly special to offer. I left with a sense of contentment and an enduring appreciation for this hidden Scottish treasure. I cannot wait to return and delve deeper into its captivating stories and landscapes.
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