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Uist Attractions

Scotland North Uist Pobull Fhinn Archaeological Site
Scotland North Uist Pobull Fhinn Archaeological Site

Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle Top Visitor Attractions Ranked and Reviewed

Visiting Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle

Pobull Fhinn is a stone circle that may be found on the island of North Uist, which is located in the Outer Hebrides. The name comes from a language that is said to have originated in the Celtic region. Pobull, poball, pobul, and pobuill are all valid variants on the initial spelling of the first word. Pobull is an American slang term for a bull. This phrase can be translated in a few different ways, including "the white fair people," "Fionn's folks," and "Finn's tent."
The Pobull Fhinn stone circle, also known as Finn's People, the White People, and the Holy People, can be found on a man-made platform on the south side of Beinn Langais. From this vantage point, it provides a view of Loch Langais and the summit of L a Deas to the east. Other names for this structure include Finn's People, the Holy People, and the White People.


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Reviewing Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle Guide

  • Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle Geolocation Latitude 57.56456° N Longitude -7.28197° E
  • Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle Map
  • Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle 4 day weather forecast
  • Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle Reviews
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  • Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle Tracks & Routes

The ring is an elongated oval that measures 38 by 28 metres and has a long axis that runs east to west. A pair of portal stones denotes the location of each of the two entrances, which may be found one at either end of the long axis.
The exit for Pobull Phinn off the A867 can be found approximately seven miles to the south of Lochmaddy. On the road that leads to the Langass Lodge, there is a parking area just before the lodge that you can use. A sign that provides instructions as well as other site information may be found just beyond the parking area. On this map, Barpa Langass can also be found marked. Enter the hotel's gate at the bottom of the parking lot, and then continue along the path until you reach another gate. This will put you on the path that will lead you to the circle at the edge of the loch. On the slope of a hill that provides a view of Loch Langass and the bulk of Ben Langass in the distance to the east is where you'll find Pobull Fhinn, the stone circle that has been kept the best out of all those found in the southern isles. The renowned Gaelic hero Fionn mac Cumhaill served as the basis for the name, which roughly translates to "Finn's People" (Finn MacCool).
The circle is comprised of at least forty-eight stones, yet there is only one that sticks out from the others. The foundation of the circle was made relatively flat by the construction of a man-made terrace, with one side dug into the slope of Ben Langass and the other side constructed up. The circle is more accurately described as an oval with dimensions of around 37 metres by 30 metres, the longer dimension running east to west.

The highest stone, which is more than two metres in height and makes quite an impression, can be found in the south-eastern portion of the site. A stone that is even larger than the others that have fallen can be found outside the circle. Since Pobull Fhinn has never been excavated, no one is aware of who or what constructed it or the reasoning for its construction. On the other hand, because of how conveniently located it is, this is something that you simply cannot miss.Due to the fact that Pobull Fhinn and the Barpa Langass passage tomb are located on the same side of Ben Langass, it is possible to see both of these attractions in a single day.

Top Attractions In And Around Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle

The Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle, located in North Uist, is a captivating ancient site surrounded by natural beauty. While it might not have multiple attractions in its immediate vicinity, its historical significance and the scenic surroundings offer a unique experience:

  1. Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle Itself: This ancient stone circle, also known as "Finn's People" or "Fingal's Cauldron Seat," comprises several standing stones in a circular formation. Visitors can explore the site and marvel at these ancient monoliths, which are believed to have been erected around 3000 BC.

  2. Historical Exploration: Delve into the history and folklore surrounding the stone circle. Local guides or informational boards might provide insights into the significance of the site in Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures, as well as the legends and stories associated with it.

  3. Scenic Views and Nature: Enjoy the stunning natural surroundings. The stone circle is set amidst the picturesque landscapes of North Uist, offering beautiful views of the island's rugged terrain, lochs, and perhaps even glimpses of wildlife.

  4. Photography Opportunities: Capture the mystique and ancient aura of the stone circle against the backdrop of the Scottish island's natural beauty. The site offers excellent opportunities for photography, especially during different times of the day when the light plays on the stones.

  5. Exploration of Nearby Sites: While Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle might not have immediate nearby attractions, visitors can explore other historical sites on North Uist, such as Barpa Langass, a Neolithic chambered cairn, or enjoy the island's stunning beaches and nature reserves.

Visiting the Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle provides a unique glimpse into Scotland's ancient history and offers a serene experience amidst the island's natural landscapes. It's a place where history, legend, and nature converge, inviting visitors to contemplate its mysteries and significance.

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Well worth a visit
 · 2 days ago  ·  Pobull Fhinn
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Stepping into the ancient embrace of Pobull Fhinn Stone Circle felt like entering a portal to another time. Encircled by weathered monoliths standing silently against North Uist's scenic backdrop, the sense of history here is palpable. As I traced the worn edges of these Neolithic sentinels, I couldn't help but imagine the stories they hold—stories of ancient rituals and the lives of those who once revered this sacred ground.

Surrounded by the island's natural beauty, the stone circle offers more than just a glimpse into the past. It's a place to connect with the soul-stirring landscapes, where the whispers of wind and the echoes of history blend harmoniously. Each stone seems to carry its tale, inviting contemplation and awe.

While the circle itself is the centerpiece, the vista that stretches beyond is equally captivating. The rugged beauty of North Uist unfolds, painting a canvas of lochs, rolling hills, and the ever-present sky that seems to stretch endlessly.

Visiting Pobull Fhinn was not just a visit to an archaeological site—it was an encounter with timelessness, leaving an indelible mark on my journey through Scotland's ancient past
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