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Druidibeg Loch Visitor Information Guide

Druidibeg Loch on south Uist one of the larger freshwater lochs in the Hebrides and full of small brown trout, is part of a Nature Reserve stretching from Stilligary eastwards which was set up in l958 when it was thought that the projected rocket range would threaten the wildlife, these fears have happily proved unfounded.

The loch is rich in bird-life and the shallow waters abound with aquatic flora. The B890 branches off the A865 to skirt the loch en route to the deeply indented Loch Skiport, where the Nature Conservancy’s Lonach Isles Reserve comprises Shillay, the main islands of Ceann Lar and Ceann Ear, which are joined at low tide, the reef of Stockay and several isolated rocks. These uninhabited islands provide an important example of shell sand habitat and the essential features of uncultivated machair, they are also wintering grounds for barnacle and white fronted geese and form a link in the chain of wildfowl refuges, there is a small nursery of grey seals. Permission to visit this reserve must be obtained from the Conservancy warden at Loch Druidibeg or from the Factor to north Uist Estates at Lochmaddy.

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