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Abhainn Dearg The first legal distillery in the Outer Hebrides. Visitors to the Abhainn Dearg Distillery will enjoy the hospitality available on the Isle of Lewis whilst exploring the attractions available and the history of Abhainn Dearg Distillery with the bulk of the barrels used at Abhainn Dearg are American Oak having been used for Bourbon prior to export to the UK.Legal restrictions state Bourbon barrels can be used only once and then discarded, so they are in plentiful...

Calanais Standing Stones
Calanais Standing Stones

Lewis and Harris Accommodation - Hospitality Property Sales and Rentals

Lewis and Harris Holiday Accommodation - Hospitality Property For Sale Or Rent - Book Direct With Owners

The Outer Hebrides' islands of Lewis and Harris, which are the largest in Scotland and have a variety of landscapes including a dramatic and rugged mountainous terrain, countless white sand beaches, turquoise coastlines, and many outdoor activities that are easily accessible, as well as a rich historical and cultural heritage, are the ideal getaway location. Regardless of the weather, this area is rich in local history and untouched beauty.
Northton is dispersed along a minor road that branches off of the main A859 and leads to a picturesque headland with white-sand Northton beaches, a fertile machair, coastal walks, and a mediaeval ruined church. The village of Northton has a cafe and a well-liked food shack; Leverburgh, which is close by, has a community store, a primary school, as well as the ferry terminal to the Isle of Uists; there are many options for holiday homes to choose from; stay in a beachside cottage, book a hotel room, look for a vacation chalet, or find a campsite.

Discover Lewis and Harris Holiday Accommodation

In addition to the Harris Sports Centre with a pool and the ferry dock to the Isle of Skye, Tarbert is home to a secondary school with free transportation.

The Lews Castle College is a higher education institution having a major campus on the grounds of Lews Castle on Stornoway and two learning centres in Benbecula and Barra. Stornoway is the principal town of the Western Isles and the capital of Lewis and Harris in Scotland. The University of the Highlands and Islands includes the college. With access to all the major destinations by road, train, and air links to the UK, Europe, and beyond, Stornaway has a larger selection of stores and amenities in addition to its airport and ferry terminal to Ullapool on the Scottish mainland.

The Outer Hebrides' neighbouring islands can be seen in the distance from the coastline's beaches, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some of these beaches are Luskentyre, Scarista, and Horgabost.

You can locate accommodations for your vacation here. Find a cottage or a traditional Hebridean croft home with breathtaking views of a river, the sea, the undeveloped countryside, and the Hebridean mountains. Wonderful hikes, wildlife to observe, fishing lochs nearby, art galleries, and the Isle of Harris Distillery are all just outside your door or a short drive away. Or with views from every window so you may spend time seeing wildlife or taking in the ferry's journey.

Discover a Hebridean vacation retreat as the ideal setting for a lavish, romantic, and restorative getaway. On the Isle of Harris or Lewis, you can find cosy accommodations for couples seeking independence as well as family activity vacations that include all the enjoyment of nature.

Find a Seaview Chalet that is cosy, well-maintained, and offers spectacular views of the sea loch from the living room window and the North Harris hills in the background from the kitchen, or reserve a bunk house for you and your friends.

A hill walker's paradise, Discover the North Harris Eagle Observatory and a Bed & Breakfast on the Isle of Harris that is conveniently situated close to Tarbert. From there, you can explore both Harris and Lewis. In Tarbert, there are eateries, a few shops, the tourist information centre, and a gas station.

Golden and white tailed eagles, which are frequently seen in the area, can be found on the beaches, along the paths and tracks that crisscross the machair, the fertile low-lying ground along the coast that is abundant with wildflowers and birdlife. This particular habitat is one of the rarest in all of Europe and only occurs on exposed areas.

Lewis and Harris Although one island, Lewis and Harris, are part of the 130 mile chain of islands the Outer Hebrides. Buffeted by the Atlantic waves, treeless and windswept, their isolation has in fact preserved their cultural identity. The Island offers an extensive choice of accommodation for the visitors to the area to enjoy a relaxing retreat for a wonderful holiday destination with great hospitality selections. 

Gaelic is widely spoken and many are bilingual. The Free Church is the island's main denomination and they hold by a strict observance of the sabbath. One of the surprising features of the island is to see two fairly sizeable churches standing side by side. Landscapes. - Moorlands, glistening lochans, superb sandy beaches and crystal clear water are common features of the island's landscapes. Although joined Lewis and Harris are physically very different, The landscapes of Lewis are essentially rolling moorlands scattered with lochans. Harris is altogether more rugged and mountainous.


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Discover Lewis and Harris

  • Lewis and Harris Latitude 58.2° N Longitude -6.6° E
  • Lewis Postcode HS2
  • Lewis and Harris Map
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  • Lewis and Harris Weather Forecast
  • Lewis and Harris Discussion

Peat working. - A common feature is the many peat workings lining the moorland roadsides. The blanket peat cover averaging a depth of 5ft is the universal soil. It is readily exploited as a domestic fuel. In March the peats are cut, thrown up then stacked in fours and left to dry. In summer they are bagged for collection and driven home. Nearly every house has the inevitable peat stack. Harris Tweed. - The orb trademark guarantees that this fine quality cloth is handwoven by the islanders in their homes. Weaving tweed originated in Harris but it was later commercialized in Lewis where today all processes after weaving are done in the mills of Stornoway and Shawbost. It is still common to see bundles of tweed awaiting collection at road ends. Midges, The uncommonly present midge has no common antidote.
Amol Black House - Signposted off the main A 858 is a straw thatched house shelters under one roof the sleeping area with box beds, the living area, byre and stable come barn. This type of dwelling known as the Black House, due to its open hearth, was common up until 40 to 60 years ago. Housing grants have been responsible for the conversion of many.

Callanish Standing Stones - Well signposted off the A 858 are a group of stones forms a circle with alignments radiating outwards at the compass points. The site is in fact one of a series in the vicinity and it is generally assumed they were used for astronomical observations. The site dates from the late Stone Age and early Bronze Age (3000·1500BC), making it over 4000 years old and roughly contemporary with Stonehenge. The stones  were once partially buried under peat. The central cairn or burial chamber was a later addition by the Neolithic people (2500·2000BC).

Cartoway Broch - Signposted off the A 858. Although not a complete example of a broch enough remains of this structure to intrigue. Admire the skill of the stonemason as the sides swell out at the bottom. The galleried walls and entrance guard chamber are still visible.

Eye Peninsula - To the northeast of Stornoway the peninsula has some fine sandy beaches.

Leverburgh - The township of Obboe was renamed by the English soap magnate, lord leverhulme in 1923. He had acquired Harris in 1919 and Lewis later the same year and dreamed of developing the islands. None of the schemes flourished including the project to make Leverburgh an important fishing port. All was abandoned when Lord Leverhulme died in 1925.
St Clement's Church - In the township of Rodel near the southern tip of Harris is a church with, the outstanding tomb of the 16C builder, Alexander MacLeod (d 1546). Carvings decorate the arch and back of the recess above the effigy of the 8th Chief of Macleod. The Twelve Apostles are portrayed on the arch. The other carvings include the Virgin and Child, flanked by two bishops, a hunting scene, a castle and the galley emblem of the Lords of the Isles.

Shawbost Museum - This folk museum gives an insight into the life and customs of the past, many of the explanatory notices are in Gaelic.

Stornoway is the capital and only town of any size lies on a narrow neck of the Eye Peninsula the main shopping area fronts the landlocked harbour which is also overlooked by the 19C castle (now a technical college) and its wooded grounds. A good view of the town can be had from the foot of the War Memorial on the hill behind the hospital.
Stornoway makes a good excursion centre for visiting Lewis and Harris. As hotels and petrol pumps are scarce on the Islands, take a picnic lunch and keep your petrol tank filled up.

StayING in and Around Lewis and Harris

Lewis and Harris is a picturesque island located in Scotland's Outer Hebrides that is famous for its breathtaking scenery, wild shoreline, and extensive cultural history. Here are some things to think about if you intend to spend time in the Lewis and Harris area and its surrounding areas:

Alternatives for Overnight Stays:

There is a wide variety of places to stay, such as hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, self-catering cottages, and campgrounds. It is in your best interest to make lodging reservations in advance, particularly when travelling during peak travel times.
Discovering More About the Island:

The landscapes of Lewis and Harris are absolutely stunning, boasting features such as beaches with white sand, spectacular cliffs, and rolling hills. Luskentyre Beach, the Callanish Standing Stones, and the Butt of Lewis lighthouse are three of the island's most visited tourist destinations.
Always assume that the weather will be changing, and pack accordingly, making sure to bring along some rain gear.
encounters with other cultures:

The culture of the Gaels is quite prominent on this island. Learn some of the local music, dance, and language, and if there are any cultural events or festivals happening during your trip, you should definitely check them out.
Activities Conducted Outside:

Hiking, biking, birdwatching, and fishing are just some of the activities that outdoor enthusiasts can partake in. The natural splendour of the islands makes these pursuits a natural fit for them.
Museums and other Important Historical Sites:

Visit the Museum nan Eilean to gain an understanding of the history of the islands, and then travel to other historic places including Dun Carloway Broch.
Regional gastronomy:

Experiment with some of the regional specialties, such as fresh fish, black pudding, and the Stornoway black pudding. You may get both traditional and modern interpretations of Scottish cuisine in any number of restaurants and cafes around the country.
Visiting Various Islands:

Take into consideration taking ferries in order to travel to nearby islands such as Harris, Uist, and Barra. Each island possesses its own special allure and set of attractions.
Retail therapy:

Both Stornoway and Tarbert are home to a wide selection of stores where you can pick up mementos, handicrafts made in the area, and items made using Harris Tweed.
Observing Wild Animals:

Birdwatchers will find the islands of Lewis and Harris to be quite rewarding. Keep an eye out for seals, puffins, and golden eagles as you travel down the coast.
Releasing Tension:

The islands of Lewis and Harris can be enjoyed to its fullest potential by simply taking it easy and taking in the breathtaking scenery. Enjoy the peace and quiet by going to a beach or a loch and finding a secluded location to sit.
Keep in mind that Lewis and Harris are very far away from other places, and be sure to thoroughly plan out your journey. Check the schedules for the ferries, be ready for the weather to change, and show respect for the local culture and the environment. You will have an amazing and one-of-a-kind experience on these stunning islands if you go about it in this manner.

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