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GPS Track Details
Track length: 10.29 km
Moving time: 3:59
Average speed: 2.58 km/h
Total ascent: 757 m
Total descent: 767 m
Difficulty Level: 3/5 - Medium
Overall rating: 6 (63 vote(s))

Our goal was to follow the course to the rock needle "Old Man" .

And on the other hand to reach the summit "The Storr" which was not fog-free, so we decided just below the summit or, on the plateau of the Storr not continue to the summit.

Be extremely careful in bad weather - can be quite slippery! From the starting point (the parking lot) to the old man of storr and his family, the tour is also for hikers and walkers well feasible. Directly to the foot of the needle and later to the summit you should have some mountain experience.

All in all, a wonderful hike, unfortunately, not the best weather conditions, with fantastic views and a Geochache in passing. In good weather, the summit plateau offers one of the best panoramas on the island of Skye.

The area known as Trotternish can be found in the northern part of the Isle of Skye, which is where the Old Man of Storr can be found.
The Old Man of Storr is a well-known destination for outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, hill walkers, and photographers due to its magnificent panoramas and scenery. The Old Man is a large rock formation that stands on its own and is a component of the Trotternish ridge.
You are welcome to take advantage of the opportunity to walk up and down the Storr on a 3.8-kilometer route that can be finished in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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