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A popular year-round destination for outdoor lovers, Inverness is the capital of the Scottish Highlands and a popular year-round destination for those who like a variety of outdoor activities. A popular destination for both visitors and inhabitants alike, the breathtaking beauty that can be found at numerous locations across the city is a great magnet for both. According to their abilities, endurance, and past experience, hikers can choose whether to ascend or descend the mountain pathways.

People who take pleasure in spending time outside and participating in a variety of sports and other activities related with the great outdoors frequently travel to the city of Inverness, which is located in the Inverness-Shire council district of the Scottish Highlands. This city is frequently visited by people who enjoy spending time outside. People who believe it's fun to be outside for extended amounts of time will enjoy visiting to this town throughout the remainder of the year because there are plenty of opportunities to do so.
This is due to the fact that the town is a well-known destination for engaging in a wide range of pursuits that are associated with the natural environment. The reason for this is because the town has a lot of different things to provide for its residents. Hiking is something that a lot of people enjoy doing, both visitors and locals, because it enables them to take in the magnificent scenery that is spread out along the trail in a number of different places. For this reason, hiking is something that a lot of people enjoy doing. As a consequence of this, going hiking is something that numerous individuals take pleasure in accomplishing. As a result of this, going hiking is something that a lot of people enjoy doing because it allows them to get some fresh air and exercise.
As they move through the landscape and make their way through the mountains, hikers have the option of either going up or down the mountain routes as they travel through the mountains. This provides individuals with a greater degree of control over the manner in which they experience the terrain. When making this determination, the hiker's capabilities, levels of endurance, and degrees of competence should, in that order, serve as the proper points of reference.

  • Inverness Latitude 57.477773 Longitude -4.224721
  • Inverness Postcode IV1
GPS Track Details
Track length: 10.29 km
Moving time: 3:59
Average speed: 2.58 km/h
Total ascent: 757 m
Total descent: 767 m
Difficulty Level: 3/5 - Medium
Overall rating: 6 (47 vote(s))

Our goal was to follow the course to the rock needle "Old Man" .

And on the other hand to reach the summit "The Storr" which was not fog-free, so we decided just below the summit or, on the plateau of the Storr not continue to the summit.

Be extremely careful in bad weather - can be quite slippery! From the starting point (the parking lot) to the old man of storr and his family, the tour is also for hikers and walkers well feasible. Directly to the foot of the needle and later to the summit you should have some mountain experience.

All in all, a wonderful hike, unfortunately, not the best weather conditions, with fantastic views and a Geochache in passing. In good weather, the summit plateau offers one of the best panoramas on the island of Skye.

The area known as Trotternish can be found in the northern part of the Isle of Skye, which is where the Old Man of Storr can be found.
The Old Man of Storr is a well-known destination for outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, hill walkers, and photographers due to its magnificent panoramas and scenery. The Old Man is a large rock formation that stands on its own and is a component of the Trotternish ridge.
You are welcome to take advantage of the opportunity to walk up and down the Storr on a 3.8-kilometer route that can be finished in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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