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GPS Track Details
Track length: 5.75 km
Moving time: 14
Average speed: 24.19 km/h
Total ascent: 59 m
Total descent: 55 m
Difficulty Level: 2/5 - Easy
Overall rating: 5 (607 vote(s))

Catch one of the frequent ferry crossings to Lismore; the voyage takes around 10 minutes and is rather inexpensive. Once you have landed in Lismore, go down the one and only road for about half a mile, when you will come upon a slip road coming off to the right, which will take you to Port Ramsey. Do not pay attention to this and continue south down the shoreline. Wild flowers and non-hardy flowers may be seen in abundance in the gardens you pass, a testament to the pleasant environment that Lismore inhabitants are privileged to live in. The route will take you up into wide fields, where you will find St. Moluag's stone. He seems to have taken a break here while on his regular stroll. Continue on down the road until you reach the church, which is worth a brief stop to see the little bell tower and the stained glass window of St Moluag, among other things. Take the farm route across the island, a few yards beyond the church, and you'll come to the brink of a small, steep precipice. At this point, go cautiously and follow the pathway that leads to the southern end of the scarp. The castle of Coeffin should now be visible in the distance. Following a slanting descent through a muddy valley, the trail leads to the castle. Within the castle walls, there is a small grassy space that is ideal for picnicking. You will need to retrace your steps to the boat terminal on your return trip. Keep in mind the return ferry schedules to prevent having to wait for a lengthy period of time.

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