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Fleet Geolocation Latitude 50.6184° N Longitude 2.5224° W

The Fleet area of the Dorset council district is a popular year-round destination for a variety of outdoor sports for those who like being outside. Visitors and locals alike enjoy strolling along the paths to take in the breathtaking views that can be found at various places along the route. Experiential participants may push themselves harder according on their ability and endurance, and they can take full advantage of the area surrounding Fleet.

GPS Track Details
Track length: 1.93 km
Total ascent: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Difficulty Level: 2/5 - Easy
Overall rating: 5 (615 vote(s))

This walk covers the location of the Battle of Culloden, which took place as part of the Jacobite Rising in 1746 and is a must-see for anybody interested in history. A beautiful setting with excellent walking paths and vistas, as well as a fascinating history to discover and appreciate. You may begin your trek from the parking lot near the wonderful Visitor Centre, which is located on the eastern side of the property. Afterwards, take the walkways that go westward to learn more about the battlefield and its historic sites. The Memorial Cairn, The Well of the Dead, and the 18th century Leanach Cottage, with its beautiful thatched roof, are just a few of the attractions. After the walk, you may visit the intriguing on-site museum, where you can learn all there is to know about the legendary clash, which is regarded as the culmination of the Jacobite uprising in Scotland. The conclusion was a British victory against Bonnie Prince Charlie's army, resulting in the latter's death. The Stuarts' attempt to reclaim the throne was virtually halted as a result of this. Culloden Woods and the settlement of the same name are located just north of the battlefield, and they are both worth seeing. There are several pleasant cycling and walking pathways to explore in the woods.

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