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People who enjoy being outside and participating in a variety of outdoor activities visit the village of Drumnadrochit, which is situated in the Scottish Highland council district, throughout the entire year since it is a popular location for participating in a number of outdoor sports. Both tourists and locals enjoy going on hikes since it gives them the opportunity to take in the breath-taking scenery that can be found at various places along the trail. Depending on their talents, levels of endurance, and levels of competence, hikers have the option of working their way either up or down the mountain trails as they make their way through the mountains.

  • Torphins Geolocation Latitude 57.105021 Longitude -2.622385
  • Torphins Postcode AB31
GPS Track Details
Track length: 5.71 km
Moving time: 1:10
Average speed: 4.83 km/h
Total ascent: 74 m
Total descent: 74 m
Difficulty Level: 3/5 - Medium
Overall rating: 6 (646 vote(s))

Car park location: Geolocation Latitude 50.939° N Longitude -1.737° W

In the direction of Godshill, this circular walk explores the Ashley Walk part of the New Forest, which is near Godshill.
A huge car park, heathland, forests, and streams, as well as a significant population of deer and ponies, make this a popular walking destination. It also has historical importance since it was here during World War II that the largest bomb ever dropped on British territory was tested, making it the largest bomb ever dropped on British soil. Craters, markings, and buildings, all of which may still be seen today, serve as memories of the area's previous use.
The walk may begin at the Ashley Walk car park, which is located somewhat north east of Godshill and is accessible through the Roger Penny Way. You may continue east on the trails to Cockley Hill, Lodge Hill, and the Pitts Wood Inclosure, where you'll discover some shaded woodland pathways. Following that, the trail returns via the Godshill Ridge, affording some lovely vistas of the surrounding area to enjoy.

Continue south through the Amberwood Inclosure and on to Cadman's Pool, which is situated on the other side of Fritham Plain and is well worth a visit, to make the walk longer.

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