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Downton offers some great outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. It is located 6 miles south of Salisbury and just outside of the New Forest National Park. Downton is a prominent historic Wiltshire community that dates back to the 12th century. A thriving town with its own schools, supermarkets, pubs and businesses as well as a village hall and recreation grounds that include a football pitch, bowling green, and a leisure centre with a gym and tennis courts, it is home to a number of different nationalities. It is estimated that there are around 20 organisations and groups in the hamlet, in addition to a well-known village band. More than 20,000 people attend the Cuckoo Fair every year. The fair, which has over 250 craft and other stalls, along with live music, dancing, and other entertainment, attracts over 20,000 visitors each year. The hamlet is also known for its fishing, as well as for its award-winning local brewery and as a starting point for exploring the River Avon and the New Forest region.

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Track length: 17.63 km
Total ascent: 1399 m
Total descent: 1393 m
Difficulty Level: 3/5 - Medium
Uploaded by: admin
Date: 20/04/2022
Hits: 6013
Overall rating: 6 (588 vote(s))

Parking at the A 832 at Dundonnell. At the creek, go up to a saddle at 380 meters, then take a path to the right. At a height to cairns at the foot of the Sail Liath. Simply high, getting stony, orientation to cairns. Above is a path more and more recognizable and it goes to the first summit of the Sail Liath 954m.

Great burr path to Sgurr Fiona 1060 Hm, there repeatedly exposed sites. Climbing according to your mood. It can be taken a well-guided path or the individual tips of the Sgurr Fiona be climbed on great grippy sandstone. Continue to Bideinn a Ghlas Thuill 1062 Hm on "up and down". From there into a mountain valley and right steep into a basin. You can usually see a small path well. Down to just before the road a rhododendron forest comes, nice but annoying requests until you come to the road.

Then 600m along the road back to the starting point. Hammer Tour 1500 m, 18 km. Waterfalls, secluded pristine mountain scenery, lochs, incredible views, great trails, beautiful watercourses and climbs if you want, with optional path bypasses. Everything your heart desires. Vertigo would not be bad.

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