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Track length: 26.41 km
Total ascent: 156 m
Total descent: 143 m
Difficulty Level: 3/5 - Medium
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Date: 20/04/2022
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From Inverness Castle, start following the signage for the Great Glen Way towards the River Ness and the Ness Islands. This is a beautiful Victorian park in the middle of the river. The route then takes you towards the Caledonian Canal, which you cross at Tomanhurich Swing Bridge. Take a right once you have crossed the bridge. Then follow the towpath until you see signage for the Great Glen Way heading uphill on your left. Follow the route uphill past the golf course and the houses of Kinmylies until you reach the Scottish Natural Heritage building. Walk between the building and car park, cross a road and look for the blue marker next to a disused building. From here you start heading away from Inverness.
As you head away from Inverness through Dunain Community Woodland, don’t forget to turn around and take in the amazing view along the Moray Firth! The route now takes you through woodland with glimpses of Ben Wyvis to your right. Near the small settlement of Blackfold the view starts opening up and you leave the woodland behind and walk along a well-made path over open moorland. The path eventually drops down onto a small road.
From here on, you follow the minor road for about 4 km, past a few houses and access roads. Watch out for traffic, as there is no pavement. But, you can expect very few cars here. After you pass a drive leading to a house at “Woodend” you will spot a GGW marker and a path on the right leading away from the road. This path is quite narrow and leads through some woodland with fields to the right. Not long after you’ve walked along the trail, you will start seeing hand-made signs advertising the Eco-campsite and Café, which is open all year. After the café in the woods, the path carries on for another kilometre or so until you cross a road.
Once you have crossed the road, a woodland track lies ahead and you will see Abriachan Woodlands Trust’s facilities on your left. There are public toilets and picnic tables available here. Keep following the signage for the GGW along an uphill forestry track. Several other local walks and bike trails are signposted here, just look for the blue GGW markers. You come to a fork in the road where you take a right, again this is well signposted. As the trees start to open up you pass through a gate and leave the Abriachan Woodland Trusts’s area.
The path starts to descend now across open moorland, you will see a farm building on your left. After another gate you find yourself in woodland again on a slowly descending track. Through the trees you can catch the first views of Loch Ness on your left! If you want to enjoy a picnic with a view, a viewpoint is signposted here with a blue marker. The descent becomes noticeably steeper from here on.
You will now start a steep descent on a woodland path towards Drumnadrochit. There are some hairpin bends along this part of the trail that can be slippery with fallen leaves, so take care. You will cross a couple of small streams here, one without a bridge, but it is small enough to cross without any great difficulty. Finally, you emerge from the woods at a gate and you will see Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle on your left! There are fields on either side of the path here, if you walk with your dog it is extremely important you keep your dog on a lead and away from livestock.
On the final stage of this section of the GGW you pass through more gates into Tychat Estate, along more fields and around the back of a house. You can already see the nearby A82 below and before long you emerge onto a drive that leads to this busy main road opposite the small harbour at Temple Pier. The final stretch into Drumnadrochit is along the pavement next to the road. Not the most scenic or enjoyable part of the walk, but at least this means that you have almost reached your destination!
In Drumnadrochit you will find hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, ATMs and a number of visitor attractions.

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Then, Autumn and Winter give lengthy nights with no light pollution, the black dark skies offer stargazing with no light pollution, and the snow-capped mountains are capable of competing with some of the top winter locations around.

The Great Glen Way travels through a public right of way. The city of Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, is located approximately 15 miles to the north of the Great Glen Way. Inverness is home to numerous commercial, educational, retail, and service establishments, in addition to a bustling mainline railway station and an international airport.

You can learn more about the history, myths, and mysteries surrounding Loch Ness at the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition, which is located in the village of Drumnadrochit. Loch Ness is one of the largest and deepest expanses of water in Scotland, as it plunges to a depth of over 260 metres (over 800 feet). It is also the largest string of lochs along the Great Glen.

Take a boat ride on the Loch if you book at the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition. The boat will take you out to the deepest point of Loch Ness, show you the marker posts used by John Cobb during his water speed record attempt, tell you all the secrets of Urquhart Castle, and of course tell you about the shy monster. If you book at the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition, you can take a boat ride on the Loch.

You may also take a boat tour on Loch Ness from the harbour at the Clansman Hotel, as well as the new pier at Dochgarroch, which is located just outside of Inverness and is where the sightseeing bus departs each day during the summer.

Hiking is a popular activity among both tourists and locals because of the breathtaking vistas that can be seen from various places along the trail.

Depending on your level of fitness, the Great Glen Way can be completed in about seven days, while the Loch Ness Trail encircles the loch for approximately 80 miles.

You need to keep an eye out for way-markers as you make your way up the short path that leads to the beginning of the 'Craigmonie Woodland Trails' trailhead from Drumnadrochit.

There are several tough areas that require stamina and experience in order to complete the trip. Hikers can either work their way up or down the mountain routes depending on their skills and level of experience. You may wish to attempt the Munro's or the Corbett's.

You can get to many different walks and view points from the village of Drumnadrochit. Some of these walks include The falls of Divach, Urquhart Woods, Abriachan Forest Trust,Contin Forest Walk, Glen Urquhart Forest trails and water falls, Allt na Criche, Daviot Woods, Inverfarigaig, Little mill, Boblainy Forest, Daviot Wood, Balmacaan, Plodda Falls, Dog falls, Or

You should be aware that there are seasonal bye laws that came into effect on March 1, 2017, that affect how you can camp in some areas between the months of March and September. If you plan to "wild camp," you should be aware of these laws and check with the local authorities to ensure that you are in compliance with them.

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  • Drumnadrochit Postcode IV63
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