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Track length: 5.23 km
Moving time: 1:02
Average speed: 5.00 km/h
Total ascent: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Difficulty Level: 2/5 - Easy
Overall rating: 5 (617 vote(s))

To return to the village from the East Hagbourne Village Hall parking lot, turn left into Main Road and follow it back through the village. You'll pass Tudor House, Upper Cross, and the Fleur de Lys bar on your way to the station.
When you get to an orchard on your left, take a left and cross the road to the Tadley stream entry. Follow the elevated route all the way to the finish. At the end of the path, there's a seat that's been freshly painted, which is ideal for taking a quick rest.
Traveling from the rear of Tadley, through the open field, and into Blewbury, take the route on the left. In the late spring and summer, keep an eye out for swallows and house martins along this route. Pass through two gates that separate a field (which is occasionally utilised by animals) from the rest of the property. As a result, you will arrive to Moor Lane, a side road that connects West Hagbourne with Blewbury Road in East Hagbourne.
Take the first left, which will take you to Blewbury Road. Look for the stile (seen in the photo above) on your right a few hundred yards before you reach the main highway. Cross the bridge and continue down the trail, which passes by a pond and leads into a forested area.
The walkway intersects with Blewbury Road, which is adjacent to Mill Brook. According to OS maps, the region around East Hagbourne Mill and Blewbury Mill was the site of two ancient water mills, East Hagbourne Mill and Blewbury Mill. Unfortunately, they are both off-limits and no longer in operation at this time. Although East Hagbourne Mill is not very well-known, it may lay claim to being the site where blotting paper was unintentionally developed.
Walk down the road towards Blewbury, turning right at the fork in the road. This section of the route may be congested with traffic, so stay close to the edge and walk in the direction of incoming traffic. Fortunately, it isn't a tremendously far distance to travel. Keep an eye out for a walkway on your left-hand side as you proceed (as shown above). After reaching a steep right hand curve on the road, you've gone too far.
Cross the stile and follow the pathway around the perimeter of the fields. The creek is on your left side, however, save from a handful of locations, it's difficult to see it because of the foliage. A calm, bright day, however, will bring out a large number of butterflies along this stretch of road. Continue on this road until it reaches another track and takes a sharp left turn to the left. Cross Mill Brook once more; this location appears to be a magnet for dog paddlers (although the stream is quite deep here). This is a bridleway, so keep an eye out for bicycles since this is a popular route to go to South Moreton from the north. Pass across the pathway on your right and continue straight ahead, following the tiny creek back to Hagbourne village.
After reaching Blewbury Road in Hagbourne, cross over and turn left for a few metres before continuing down Fieldside. The walkway should be followed all the way around the field edge, disregarding the turnoff towards Tadley brook. After around ten minutes, the road curves right and takes you out alongside St Andrew's Church on the left. Following the path through the churchyard, take the first right onto the gravel road alongside the barns. Then, as you reach the main road, turn right and return to the Village Hall parking lot.

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